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Dialog works with Gamer.LK to include Esports in annual desk calendar

Dialog works with Gamer.LK to include Esports in annual desk calendar

A sign of the times – with Gamer.LK’s consistent promotion of the sport, Esports has secured the position of fastest growing sport in Sri Lanka. We have another milestone to kick-off the year – the inclusion of the sport in Dialog’s annual desk calendar where we’ve got a May 2019 spot! Gamer.LK worked with the League of Legends national team who represented the country at both the Asian Games and the Esports World Cup in 2018 to showcase a typical Esports gaming setup, with high end gaming peripherals and portraying the electric atmosphere of an Esports match.

Dialog is a strong proponent and a prolific promoter of sports in the country, powering many sportsmen and women to achieve their goals. The 2019 Dialog Calendar is a reflection of their passion, determination and resilience in moments of excellence.

Seen in the picture are Achintha “Nightmare” Konara, Ashik “ASH” Saleeth and Shalitha “Acelord” Chandraratne. Hilal “Dew” Jismy and Akthar “Blueakthar” Hafeez also contributed to the shoot.

This years Dialog calendar mixes Augmented Reality (AR) concepts where users can use their smartphone to get further details about specific dates on the calendar. For more information on the calendar visit https://www.dialog.lk/calendar

PnX.Indomitus dominates Predator League Sri Lanka 2019

PnX.Indomitus dominates Predator League Sri Lanka 2019

Acer’s Predator League DOTA 2 championship landed on Sri Lankan shores in the latter part of 2018 and concluded last weekend with the crowning of Sri Lanka’s best DOTA 2 team. The championship was conducted as a country qualifier, where the winner of the tournament will represent Sri Lanka at the grand finals in Thailand for a shot at the USD 400,000 prize pool. Thailand will have 10 teams from 9 countries taking a shot at the title – Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Myanmar and Mongolia.

The Sri Lankan Qualifiers

Registrations for the local qualifier commenced on the 12th of November on Gamer.LK and closed on the 10th December with 45 teams registered. The tournament was broken into two stages – online qualifiers and a LAN event where the top 4 teams were brought together at the Jaic Hilton. Online qualifiers commenced on the 13th of December where the 45 teams were whittled down to the top 4 – nA.Bedtime Samurais, Div|Death Sentence, PnX.Indomitus and X3.Victorious Secret.


The final stage of the event was held on the 13th of January ‘18 in the Grand Ballroom of Jaic Hilton. The 4 qualified teams played out the knockout bracket, with semi-finals being played as bo1 and the finals played bo3.

Semi Final 1: PnX.Indomitus vs nA.Bedtime Samurais

Winner: PnX.Indomitus

The tournament favorites Indomitus took on underdogs Bedtime Samurais in the first match of the day. Indomitus pulled through convincingly to the grand finals with a 27 minute base wipe.

Semi Final 2 : X3.Victorious Secret vs Div|Death Sentence

Winner: X3.Victorious Secret

The two Sri Lankan Dota 2 juggernauts were up next, with Victorious Secret being a formidable force since their rise in the Sri Lankan ranks in the past few years. Death Sentence included standalone Sivasubramaniam ‘Prince’ Aarathanan in their lineup who played the role of drafter for this game. Victorious Secret took the game in a well-deserved 35 min battle. With that, VS secured their place in the finals against Indomitus, and Death Sentence was pushed to fight for third place against Bedtime Samurais.

Third place match : Div|Death Sentence vs nA.Bedtime Samurais

With DS looking demoralised after their loss to VS, Bedtime Samurais saw this as their opportunity to clinch a third-place spot by upsetting DS. Drafting was handed to Sathan who looked to be in good form. However, after a 18 minute game, Bedtime Samurais’ dreams were dashed as Death Sentence took the win and secured their third place position.

The Finals : PnX.Indomitus vs X3.Victorious Secret

With Indomitus being as strong as they are, the finals was looking like a David vs Goliath situation. Indomitus breezed through to clinch the victory with a decisive 2-0 win against Victorious Secret, thus taking the Predator Shield and sending VS home with a runner-up placement.

Indomitus took home Rs. 300,000 in cash, some great peripherals and that amazing Predator Shield trophy sent over to Sri Lanka from Acer. Indomitus will be flying out to Thailand for the grand final in Bangkok happening from the 15th to the 17th February 2019.

We wish our champions the best of luck as they carry the Sri Lankan flag for yet another Esports event abroad! Follow Gamer.LK for news of our boys in Thailand.

PnX | indomitus
Viren Dias (c)
Munthasir Shiraz
Mohammed Shafras
Mirsab Hassan
Dinuka Perera
Mohammedu Walid

X3 | Victorious Secret
Mandula Sugathapala
Isuru Lokuge
Shauban Rushdi
Kalhara Keith
Kaveesha Kagasuru

DIV | Death Sentence
Heshan Sanajaya
Anupama Wettasinghe
Sivasubramaniam Aarathanan
Dulith Boralessa
Muksith Ajwath
Kavinda Jayawardane

Noob Alliance named best Sri Lankan clan of 2018

Noob Alliance named best Sri Lankan clan of 2018

The Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA), the governing body for Esports in Sri Lanka founded by Gamer.LK and consisting of the 9 main Esports clans in the country recently awarded the National Esports Awards at the Sri Lanka Cyber Games Championship held last weekend. The awards are held to recognise outstanding performance, contribution and ethics in the Esports scene in Sri Lanka, and is calculated based on a number of factors decided and agreed on by SLESA.

The winner of the best clan award

Best Clan
Noob Alliance

Second place
Phoenix Gaming

Third place
Tech Morph

The best clan award is a highly contested title which has been won by Phoenix Gaming for the past 4 years. Noob Alliance managed to break the winning streak this year by taking the title for the first time. The best clan award takes into account the following aspects of a clan

  • Performance of their members throughout the year (accounts for 40% of points)
  • How diversified their performance has been – the more titles the better (10%)
  • Organisation points for how structured the clan is (20%)
  • The clans contribution to Esports (10%)
  • Ethics – whether or not the clan has members who have been banned or warned (10%)
  • Community poll (10%)

Phoenix Gaming came out on top in the performance portion of the calculation with a small 4-point lead. Noob Alliance overtook PnX with points in title diversification, ethics and the popular vote, thus establishing that a clan must score high on all factors in order to be crowned best clan in Sri Lanka. The precedent has been set, and clans will be pushing to better their organisations to reach for the ultimate title next year.

The winners of the individual awards

The awards committee looks at the best performing individuals from each recognised SLESA title based on ranked tournaments help from SLCG 2017 until the last ranked tournament before SLCG this year. These are the athletes that stood out in their field and were recognised with best athlete of the year medals for their respective titles.

Best referee of 2018
Nimnaka Perera

Best Shoutcaster of 2018
Abdul Basith

Best Project Cars athlete of 2018
Hafzel ‘PnX.hafzel’ Perera

Best Tekken 7 athlete of 2018
Roshan ‘PnX.jura’ Jurampathi

Best Injustice 2 athlete of 2018
Umashankar ‘x3.Redwire’

Best Clash Royale athlete of 2018
Joel ‘nA.daniel’ Joung

Best FIFA athlete of 2018
Dishan ‘PnX.Dishi’

Best Special Force 2 athlete of 2018
Hasitha ‘M.eS-Chabba’ Samaraweera

Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive athlete of 2018
Omal ‘x3.Roach’ Prabudda

Best Overwatch athlete of 2018
Ruvin ‘nA.Ghost’ Kularathna

Best League of Legends athlete of 2018
Ashik ‘PnX.AshSL’ Saleeth

Best DOTA 2 athlete of 2018
Viren ‘PnX.Hawkie’ Dias

Best Call of Duty 4 athlete of 2018
Sameera ‘nA.svtue’ Vidushanka

We congratulate all winners who have shown exceptional skill and represented Sri Lankan Esports with pride and integrity! We look forward to a fantastic 2019 where the stake are higher and the competition starts fresh!

Sri Lankan team Xiphos beat India’s Entity Gaming in WESG South Asia qualifiers

Sri Lankan team Xiphos beat India’s Entity Gaming in WESG South Asia qualifiers

Team Xiphos is representing Sri Lanka at the World Esports Games hosted by Alisports. The South Asia and West Asia qualifiers commenced today, with Xiphos having already played 2 matches against UFD eSports from Pakistan and Entity Gaming from India – both wins for Sri Lanka 16-2 and 16-13 respectively.

Next up is their match against Paksitan’s Portal eSports, which is bound to be a tight match! Watch the stream below.