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Gamer.LK & Tencent confirm PR FOOL hack. Disqualified from P&S PUBG Mobile Series

Gamer.LK & Tencent confirm PR FOOL hack. Disqualified from P&S PUBG Mobile Series

  • PR FOOL was suspected of using hacks to gain an unfair advantage at the P&S PUBG Mobile Series
  • Gamer.LK investigated the issue with the help of the Tencent security team
  • The investigation confirmed that PR FOOL was indeed a hacker
  • PR FOOL and his squad have been disqualified from the P&S PUBG Mobile Series
  • Placements of all other squads move up by 1, and points updated accordingly
  • MAX DXG SAS, OMA | ADEUSX & nA Team Destiny qualify for semi-finals

Squad “Professors A” of Group 9 have been disqualified following an investigation on the use of illegal HACKS during the tournament.

Squad “Professors A” consist of:


Upon early suspicion that “PR FOOL” was cheating, Gamer.LK reviewed his gameplay and sent it across to Tencent for further investigation. Tencent confirmed the use of 3rd party tools and banned his account. Tencent Games have made it clear that things like cheating and hacking will not be tolerated and the players doing it will suffer an exit from the game for a decade i.e the player will be banned from using PUBG and may suffer a life-time ban from competitive Esports in Sri Lanka.

Both he and his squad have been disqualified from the tournament following the results of the investigation and Gamer.LK will be taking further disciplinary action against “PR FOOL”.
The placement points of all other teams in Group 9 have changed as they move up 1 slot following this debacle.

Therefore, the new set of squads that qualify are as follows:

Position 1 – MAX DXG SAS
Position 2 – OMA | ADEUSX
Position 3 – nA Team Destiny

Logitech G Sri Lanka partners with Gamer.LK to announce the Logitech G Play To Win Series for Valorant, Apex Legends & Rainbow 6 Siege

Logitech G Sri Lanka partners with Gamer.LK to announce the Logitech G Play To Win Series for Valorant, Apex Legends & Rainbow 6 Siege

Logitech G has partnered with Gamer.LK to bring a brand new Esports experience for Esports athletes in the country. With the objective of fostering top Esports talent and encouraging more Sri Lankan gamers to take the plunge into competitive Esports, Logitech G Sri Lanka along with the support of Gamer.LK is introducing a quarterly Esports tournament series called the Logitech G Play To Win Series. With a prize pool of Rs. 70,000 per quarter, the series will feature 3 titles – Valorant, Apex Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege.

Budding Esports athletes and veterans alike are invited to register and take part in the series. Along with prize money, Logitech G Sri Lanka will be picking a number of top players as their ambassadors for the country.

Registrations for Valorant are open now @ https://ingame.asia/event/logitech-g-play-to-win-series-1 

Stay tuned to Gamer.LK for more information on the Logitech G Play To Win Series and Logitech G Sri Lanka’s other activities in the country.

nA.Cherry & TM.Phanta receive bans from Gamer.LK

nA.Cherry & TM.Phanta receive bans from Gamer.LK


Further to Gamer.LK’s investigation of nA.Cherry’s performance during the DOTA 2 1v1 event (details here: https://gamer.lk/news/womens-cyber-games-20-investigations) Gamer.LK provided the player time to provide further proof of her performance. She was unable to do so, and therefore has been banned from Gamer.LK tournaments for a period of 1 year.



TM.Phanta has been banned from Gamer.LK tournaments for a period of 1 year and 3 months, broken down as follows:

  • Disrupting a tournament: 3 months
  • Impersonating a referee: 1 year

Based on IP matches provided by Tech Morph, Gamer.LK was able to confirm that TM.Phanta was the person who disrupted the tournament, and thereafter confessed to Gamer.LK during questioning. Gamer.LK was also able to match IPs and confirm that he had further impersonated a Gamer.LK referee during his disruption of the tournament.


This is the 4th instance in Sri Lankan Esports that players have received bans for sharing accounts, and also the 3rd instance players have been banned for disrupting a tournament. Gamer.LK takes the integrity of tournaments organised for the Sri Lankan Esports community very seriously, whether it’s account sharing or behaviour that disrupts events. We strive to protect Sri Lankan Esports athletes against disruptive elements in the community and will take necessary steps to grow a healthy and positive competitive scene in Sri Lanka.

Rainbow Six South Asia Nationals start June 20th – Sri Lankans eligible

Rainbow Six South Asia Nationals start June 20th – Sri Lankans eligible

Registrations for the Rainbow 6 APAC League South Asia National Qualifiers are now open at ESL Play. Sri Lankan teams are eligible to take part.

The list of qualifiers are as follows:

For more information visit: https://play.eslgaming.com/india 

TM, PnX & nA clan admins approved & gave full support for international investigation of nA.Vendetta

TM, PnX & nA clan admins approved & gave full support for international investigation of nA.Vendetta

A number of requests for clarification have come to GLK through staff and senior members of the community about the investigation conducted into nA.Vendetta. Here are the facts:

Demos shared with TM, PnX & nA

Demos of the 3 matches related to nA.Vendetta were shared with the clan admins involved. It is these demos that were used to formulate notes by each involved party (TM, PnX, nA).

International panel idea agreed on by TM, PnX & nA

The idea of an international panel was presented to all parties and TM, PnX & nA admins agreed to the idea.

International panel member designations shared & approved by TM, PnX & nA

The designations and nationalities of the independent panel were shared with TM, PnX & nA admins and all agreed to the idea

Sharing of notes from TM, PnX & nA approved by TM, PnX & nA clan admins

When all 3 clan admin notes were received, TM, PnX & nA clan admins agreed to allow it being shared with each other and the panel

TM, PnX & nA were kept informed of updates while investigation was going on

During the 5 days of the investigation, clan admins requested updates several times and information was provided as required.

List of names and their full statements submitted to TM, PnX & nA

After the 5 days of investigation, the full names and their final statements were released to TM, PnX & nA clan admins. Clan admins were asked to keep the names confidential as to avoid harassment of these individuals, which would ruin the image of Sri Lankan Esports.

All of the above has been documented.

Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 investigations

Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 investigations

Update: Added clarification on PnX.Shayzi’s reason for not being able to provide video call during the game.

10 complaints have come to Gamer.LK regarding the Women’s Cyber Games participants sharing accounts. Out of this, Gamer.LK has completed investigations on 3 and taken necessary action outlined below. 6 have been closed as there was not enough evidence to pursue them further. 1 is ongoing. The complaints have been made against 3 different clans in Sri Lanka.

Women’s teams CS:GO

Tournament participant clans Tech Morph and Phoenix GaminG requested further inquiry into nA.Vendetta as they felt there was strong evidence to show that players changed between matches. This was largely due to nA.Vendetta’s poor performance in the first match played on map “Nuke” which they lost 16-0, and their stronger performances on maps “Mirage” and “Inferno” in the lower bracket and final respectively. Steps were taken to verify players at the start of the match using TeamSpeak, IP matching and video verification for one of the players. Demos were also reviewed and Gamer.LK found no major evidence to suggest foul play.

Based on the escalation, an investigation was commenced on the 5 women-players of nA.Vendetta. An international panel of 3 Esports personalities were put together to provide an independent opinion on the claims by the accusers. The panel consisted of a professional CS:GO referee with experience in Esports World Championships, a CS:GO caster/analyst and a professional CS:GO player currently playing in the pro circuit. 

Detailed notes were presented by the 2 accusing clans, and defending notes were provided by Noob Alliance. This, along with the demos were submitted to the international panel. 

The panel took 5 days to review the documentation and demos provided. After review, the 3 panelists submitted findings on the investigation and concluded independently that nA.Vendetta is cleared of any wrong-doing. They noted while there was a definite improvement in performance after Nuke, it was within acceptable margins of difference between maps. Especially considering performances on practiced maps and maps unknown to players. The panel’s decision was also based on monitoring the players general playstyle such as crosshair placement and movement, which they confirmed was similar throughout all maps.

No further action will be pursued on this matter.

Women’s Clash Royale 

PnX – Shayzi played one match, but politely denied a request for cam verification during the match due to not having an additional phone. Players have the right to refuse due to legitimate reasons, but will not be allowed to continue playing if tournament verification guidelines are not adhered to. 

Women’s DOTA 1v1

The recently concluded 1st round of Women’s DOTA 1v1 title had its own moments. nA.Cherry failed to provide additional verification requested by Gamer.LK and has been removed from the tournament. nA.Cherry will not be allowed to play any further Gamer.LK tournaments until she is able to follow verification instructions provided by Gamer.LK, which she has agreed to do in the future.

The Women’s Cyber Games event is only half way done and has been the talk of the town for the past week. Stay tuned to Gamer.LK for more information from the tournament as it happens.

The Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 Online is sponsored by Red Bull & Perera & Sons.