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නීති විරෝධී ලෙස game accounts හුවමාරු කරගත් තරඟකරුවන් කිහිප දෙනෙකුට  තරඟ තහනමක්.

නීති විරෝධී ලෙස game accounts හුවමාරු කරගත් තරඟකරුවන් කිහිප දෙනෙකුට තරඟ තහනමක්.

පසුගිය මාර්තු මාසයේ පැවති ‘Battle of the Mortal Gods’ – DOTA 2 online Ranked තරඟාවලියේ තරඟ නීති උල්ලංගනය කරමින් game accounts හුවමාරු කරගත් තරඟකරුවන් 5ක් සහ ඔක්තෝම්බර් මාසයේ පැවති ‘GCLL Season 4’ – online League of Legends Ranked තරඟාවලියේ game accounts හුවමාරු කරගත් එක් අයෙකු සහ එය වැලක්වීමට උත්සහ නොගත් තවත් තරඟකරුවන් 4ක් සඳහා Sri Lanka Esports Association එක මගින්  තරඟ තහනමක් පනවා ඇත.

මෙලෙස ‘Battle of the Mortal Gods’ හිදී අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමට ලක්වුණු තරඟකරුවන්ගේ  විස්තර පහත දැක්වේ : 

Team name: DeP – Team Singularity

Team members: 

Ishan Subode – Carl : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Dilshan Pramode – [R]eclusion† : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Ashan Perera – Ace : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Hirushan Ranawaka – Monto : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Kavindu Lakshitha – GateOfHeaven : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 

තවද ‘GCLL Season 4’ හිදී අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තහනමට ලක්වූ තරඟකරුවා සහ මාස 6ක තරඟ තනහමට ලක්වුණු තරඟකරුවන්ගේ  විස්තර පහත දැක්වේ : 


Team name: PnX – Griomoire Heart

Don Jehan Jayamaha – Jehan XD : අවුරුද්දක තරඟ තනහමක් 

Harivarshan Selvarajah – TheUnseeenBlade : මාස 6ක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Chachi Chathurka – Havi 165cm 52kg : මාස 6ක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Kavinash Ravishka – Sharingan user : මාස 6ක තරඟ තනහමක් 
Waleeth Ahmed – Deathly Lee : මාස 6ක තරඟ තනහමක් 

මෙලෙස තරඟ තහනමට ලක්වූ අයට එම තරඟ තහනම් කාලය තුල Sri Lanka Esports Association හෝ Gamer.LK මගින් සංවිධානය කරන කිසිඳු තරඟාවලියකට සහභාගී වීමේ අවස්ථාව අහිමි වනු ඇත. 

දැනට තරඟ තහනම් ලද සියලු තරඟකරුවන් මෙතැනින් : https://gamer.lk/blacklist/

Sri Lanka reaches finals in another International PUBG Mobile tournament

Sri Lanka reaches finals in another International PUBG Mobile tournament

Noob Alliance Team Frag have successfully made it to the final round of the E2S PUBGM Challengers Cup organized by E2S Gaming from Maldives, which saw 125 teams compete from Maldives, Mongolia and India. The final round will take place on 5th November.

We spoke to Aadil Hafees a member of Team Frag about this achievement:

Being in a Major Tournament as the E2S Challengers cup was part of our Big dream come true. We had to face so many challngers and Obstacles to be in the place where we are today. We are honoured to Be the only team from Sri Lanka to Compete in an International tournament and we as FRag Team will surely bring pride to the Nation. Getting to the finals wasnt an easy task we got through finals taking down some really tought opponents and when it came to the semi finals Day 1 Simply said We screwed Up, We were all worried and some were really upset if this will be the end of the Challengers cup, As all great leaders our leader simply motivated us by saying the same exact words that motivated the whole team to be passionate about PUBGmobile “Boys Api Globals Yannada?” Even though the words seem simple for us it was a major boost we came back from 11th place to 5th place after Day 2 with some outstanding performance and yet again have one final challenge to win the E2S challengers cup and bring pride to our MotherLanka as nA|FRag Team.  


We would like to thank the Organizers E2S Gaming and Personal Computers from Maldives who gave us the opportunity to take part in a Major tournament competing against 125 teams (Maldives, Mongolia, India) Also we would like to thank our Esports Clan Noob Alliance for giving us the best background support any team could have. We couldnt have done it without noob alliance.  Thank you everyone for the immense support and love you guys have shown. A simple saying that we use to follow inorder to be the best in Sri lanka – “Your Love Makes us Strong, Your Hate makes us Unstoppable”.

We wish Team Frag who will battle it out in the final, the very best of luck.

Close to 200 Rainbow 6 Siege players sign-up for the GCR6L challenge

Close to 200 Rainbow 6 Siege players sign-up for the GCR6L challenge

Rainbow 6 Siege made its debut in Sri Lankan Esports with the adoption of the title at the Sri Lanka Cyber Games last year. 20 teams took part across online qualifiers and LAN finals.

This year, the scene has grown to over 33 teams taking part in the Gamer.LK Clans Rainbow 6 Siege League. This will serve as Sri Lanka’s first ranked Rainbow 6 Siege event, with the Sri Lanka Esports Association bestowing the title ranked status earlier this year.

Follow news of GCR6L on our Facebook page etc

A few disruptive players receive a 9 month tournament ban

A few disruptive players receive a 9 month tournament ban

6 players have been imposed a 9 month tournament ban while another receives a 12 month ban for their unruly behavior displayed during the Kings of LAN – Call of Duty 4 tournament organised by Gamer.LK in March, which disrupted not only the tournament but created problems for the tournament venue.

The players who received a 9 month tournament ban are as follows:

Shihan Morais
Ravindu Aravinda
Thushan Dissanayake
Dinesh Jayathunga
Dinesh Kumara
Udith Madushan

In addition, Milinda Madusagara, a player who received previous warnings for his conduct has been banned for 12 months.

These players are now banned from taking part or even visiting any tournaments organised by the Sri Lanka Esports Association or Gamer.LK. 

We do not condone such behavior and remind all Esports athletes to uphold the highest standards in their conduct to avoid such instances in the future.

S.Thomas’ College Includes Esports at Momentum Youth Expo

S.Thomas’ College Includes Esports at Momentum Youth Expo

The Momentum Youth Expo is an educational fair organised by S.Thomas’ College Old Boys Association with the intention of assisting youth which presented the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ the opportunity to organise an Esports tournament at a school level and showcase their passion for Esports. With Gamer.LK’s school Esports initiatives over the past 4 years, school participation in Esports has seen immense growth. Last year’s Inter-School Esports Championship had over 100 schools taking part – making it Sri Lanka’s largest school-level sporting event.

The Esports tournament “Havoc” which was organised by the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College during the Momentum Youth Expo concluded on the 24th of February 2019. The tournament revolved around League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA19 with a prize pool for each title. With 50 registered contestants ready to take on the odds and display their skills for a chance to claim the prize that was up for grabs.

Proceedings kicked off at around 12.00 p.m commencing the games off with a Call of Duty match alongside a League of Legends match which quickly built engagement as the crowd started gathering around the area to figure out where all the screaming was coming from. Immediately keeping with the action, the FIFA19 qualifier kicked off.

With some known teams showing up and some new faces joining in on the action as well, the day saw some ups and downs in terms of performance. Finding new talents who never knew how good they were at gaming finally getting the chance to showcase their prowess in their respective games.

The Havoc Esports event concluded around 5 30 p.m with teams displaying energy and a strong drive which made the event to be quite the exciting one as the final games were closed out. As Esports moves forward seeing even school clubs embracing as well as organising Esports tournaments, showcases strong evidence of how far Esports has come over the years, rapidly becoming a recognised sport in Sri Lanka.

Penalties against fraud carried out at Gamer.LK Majors – 28 July 2018

Penalties against fraud carried out at Gamer.LK Majors – 28 July 2018

Gamer.LK organised this year’s Inter-University Esports event back in April. We were informed about a team who registered with suspicious credentials and upon further investigation with the support and confirmation of the  Institute in question, it was found that only one player from the team that registered and played were from the said Institute.

Forging of documents constitutes fraud and is a criminal offense. Misrepresentation of oneself using fraudulent documents to Gamer.LK Officials is a grave offence that merits severe penalties.

As such, the following players have been banned for the period of two years effective immediately:

  • Abilash Rajkumar (Krazy)
  • Anthony Nirushan (WHITY)
  • Javahar (Enzo)
  • Mohamed Shoaib Alavi (Muchfrag)
  • Saleem Hussain (SpikeOne)
  • Vibuda Dezoysa (Chromnz)

The following player has been banned for a period of one year effective immediately:

  • Mohamed Ali Hussain (Jiren)

These bans extend to all tournaments organised by Gamer.LK and any Gamer.LK Ranked tournaments, not limited to a single game.

The awards and places this team received at each tournament from the date of offence will also be stripped and the next immediate teams in each tournament will be recognized in their place. As such, the following places and tournaments will be removed from this team:

  • Inter-University Esports – Champions (Special Force 2)
  • Inter-University Esports – Runners-up (Counter Strike Global Offensive)
  • GCCL Season 11 – Runners-up
  • Kings of LAN Special Force 2 & Single Player – Champions (Special Force 2)

In addition, Saleem Hussain (Talle) has been permanently removed as a Gamer.LK Staff member.

Furthermore, during the recently concluded Mercantile Esports Championship in July, we were once again informed of individuals who were attempting to register players in a suspicious manner. While these players were restricted from taking part in the event itself, the following players are hereby issued a stern warning against their actions.

  • Bositha Kavishan Fernando
  • Eranda Sampath
  • Hashan Kavinda Nedummulla
  • Hilal Jismy
  • Konara Aachintha
  • Kosala Rajakaruna
  • Malith Dissanayake
  • Milinda Madusagara
  • Nishal Ranweerasinghe
  • Pawan Madushan
  • Seyed Sajid Moulana
  • Shalitha Chandraratne
  • Shivanka Dilshan
  • Rizlan
  • Vishwa Madusagara
  • WDB Nayanajith

We will be strictly enforcing our registration restrictions at the three majors: Inter-University, Mercantile and Schools in the future. We aim to take Esports to newer audiences through these events and such acts work against our efforts. We appreciate the support of the community in assisting where necessary by reporting such instances so that we are able to uphold a fair playing field. 

1st Dec 2018 note: It was erroneously stated that points for the teams would be removed from tournaments from the start of the ranking year. This was corrected to reflect the actual state which is points being removed from the date of offence onwards.