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Calyx Gaming is hosting a streamer-led Valorant tournament in Sri Lanka with a Rs. 200,000 prize pool. 4 popular game streamers from the local scene will host qualifiers, where Valorant teams can register to take part. The top 2 teams from each of the 4 qualifiers will then move to a final bracket.

  • T-Hik Qualifier: 31st August 2021 (Register)
  • Lilee Gaming Qaulifier: 7th September 2021 (Register)
  • 3 idiots gaming Qualifier: 14th September 2021 (Register)
  • DaCa Gaming Qualifier: 21th September 2021 (Register)

Each winning team from a qualifier will receive Rs. 25,000 in prize money, and also a shot at Rs. 100,000 at the grand finals.


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