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The Sri Lanka Esports Association took up a complaint by PnX.Team Red against nA.Raven. The accusation was that nA.Raven joined the PnX.Team Red voice comms channel. The Sri Lanka Esports Association heard both sides and voted to give nA.Raven an official warning and required a public apology to the affected team.

Phoenix GaminG’s statement

The Noob Alliance and Phoenix Gaming League of Legends wings have had a great rivalry with each other for many years. The respective teams of each clan have met and fought against each other in countless League of Legends tournaments with both sides showing great respect and sportsmanship for the other before and after the game. Raven “Stalker LAN” who claims he joined the opposition’s voice channel with the intent to wish them good luck before the match, this is quite astonishing given the fact that both teams were not on talking terms. Also taking into account the fact that both teams were at LAN, if his intention truly was to wish the other team he could have done so in-person before the match began as he had multiple opportunities. He also did not wish the PnX team RED as he claimed but stayed silent on the voice channel without informing the opposition of his presence. We have to also take into account the suspicious timing of his attempt to wish them the PnX team as they were in the middle of discussing their strategy for the game and the fact that he was in the voice channel for the entire duration of the conversation. It is disappointing to see this kind of behavior as it was the nA team that requested each team to be in separate rooms for the finals as they did not want PnX RED to hear their shotcalling and it was nA Raven who decided to try and listen to the strategies of the other team. Phoenix GaminG has a lot of respect for the Noob Alliance League of Legends wing as mentioned earlier especially team nA Phase who has set a very high standard for sportsmanship and we believe Raven and his team can learn a lot from the example they have set.

Bhanuka ‘Raven’ Ratnayake’s statement

I, Bhanuka ‘Raven’ Ratnayake of Team MeetYourMakers would like to apologize to Team Red for joining their channel with the intent of wishing them well before the match, which caused their team much distress since they were in draft discussions, however I would like to point out that I didn’t hear any part of the draft discussion since I wasn’t wearing my headphones at the time, and only put my headphones on when I switched to another channel – which can be proved via CCTV footage.

With all that being said, my action of joining their channel in the first place was against sportsmanly conduct in Sri Lankan Esports and I will hereafter adhere to the rules and regulations on play conduct set out by Gamer.LK and the Sri Lankan Esports Association in the future.

Noob Alliance’s statement

This is the first official warning Noob Alliance or any member in Noob Alliance has gotten since our inception over 13 years ago, we aren’t thrilled about it but at the same time, the silver lining is that this is comparatively a minor offense. After being ban and warning free for over a decade, we will be taking this as a lesson and taking even more precautions to ensure this will be the first and only warning Noob Alliance receives in the future.

As always, we thank the Sri Lankan Esports Association and Gamer.LK for being vigilant and taking care of the Esports industry in Sri Lanka, we hope to continue doing our part in helping this movement.

The Sri Lanka Esports Association consists of all organised clans in Sri Lanka and collectively governs the Esports scene in the country.

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