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The Women’s Call of Duty 4 Solo event took place on Monday (June 1st) with participants playing through 3 group stages, out of which the top 4 players from each group qualified for a final free-for-all match on Kill-house. Participants were given 10 minutes to rack up as many kills against their opponents as possible, and the 12 finalists accumulated a total of 818 kills in the allocated time. The final standings are as follows:

M.ES Frozen 100
nA.MD 95
nA.tee hee 85
nA.UD 73
nA.Medusa 72
EVOX Peabody 72
nA.Hima 68
PnX.RW D.Va 68
M.ES Sally Crusher 52
EVOX.Athena 50
EVOX.Yuana 28

The Women’s Cyber Games Championship ’20: Online is sponsored by Red Bull. The preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons.

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