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  • Three teams disqualified for having Indian Nationals on the roster
  • FenrirXOmega, Team Inceptions, nA | XTASY | VENDETTA were the teams in question.
  • All matches affected have been replayed
  • The date for the rematch of finals set for the 15th of November

Gamer.LK has taken action against three teams that violated the rules during the Perera & Sons Mobile Contenders CODM tournament. The teams had one or more Indian nationals in their rosters which went against tournament policy and resulted in their disqualification. All games that were affected have already been replayed or scheduled for a rematch.

1. FenrirXOmega competed with multiple Indians in their roster. None of the games were affected and they were disqualified.

Lakshagar Raja Lakshagar
Janushkhar Raja JR
Dwaarakesh Srinivasan Dwaarak
Anush Thriambak Chaos
Simon Caesar FenrirXKhalil


2. Various attempts made to contact Team Inceptions player in question failed and the team members, in turn, were unable to prove his eligibility. All matches affected by them were replayed.

Dineth Ratnayake YT XAN
Nithika Pathirage IM NICKY
Amman anujuman INC DENETH
Mayanka de mel INC SANJAY


3. nA | XTASY | VENDETTA could not prove that their player in question was a Sri Lankan citizen following inquiries made by Gamer.LK, henceforth the two matches affected by this team have been replayed.

Ilhan Kably XTZ D1SSENT
Sheron DeSilva XTZ SALT
Kawin Perera XTZ R3HZ
Sohan Tharusha XTZ .EXE


Having implemented resolutions for these disruptions in the tournament, a rematch of the finals has been scheduled for the 15th of November. Stay tuned to Gamer.LK socials for the latest updates from the Sri Lankan Esports scene.

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