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The Sri Lanka Cyber Games Championship has been cancelled due to the current health situation arising from Corona virus fears in the country. In support of government efforts to contain the situation, Gamer.LK felt this was the best decision in order to reduce risk of exposure, and also peace of mind for the gaming & Esports community. The decision was made taking into account discussions and advice from the Health Ministry as well.

After 11 consecutive years of hosting SLCG, it’s with a heavy heart that we make this decision. But it comes from a place of responsibility as 10,000 people were to converge on one location over 3 days.

Although this is a setback, Gamer.LK is in the works to make 2020 another milestone year for Esports, and will be taking the next 2 months to cook up some amazing experiences for gamers islandwide!

Keep in touch with Gamer.LK through our Facebook page and youtube channel – we stream a number of games weekly and create gaming-related content on a daily basis. Also, the beauty of Esports is that it can be played remotely, and we will be planning more online events until the Corona fear dies down.

Stay safe and game on!

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