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The grand finals of the Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 Online Real Cricket championship, a new title that was introduced at this tournament, saw Kaumini ‘PnX PiK4CHU’ Gunasinghe provide a close contest against her opponent Himasha ‘nA HiMA’ Perera. The two players took on each other across 2 overs which eventually resulted in PnX PiK4CHU becoming the Real Cricket Champion of the Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 Online championship with Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera from Noob Alliance and Nadeeshani ‘FoXy’ Jayasinghe coming in second and third respectively..

1st Place: Kaumini ‘PnX PiK4CHU’ Gunasinghe
2nd Place: Himasha ‘nA HiMA’ Perera
3rd Place: Nadeeshani ‘FoXy’ Jayasinghe

The Women’s Cyber Games Championship ’20: Online is sponsored by Red Bull. The preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons.

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