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Samsung Online Esports Showdown successfully concluded last Saturday the 9th of May with Noob Alliance coming in 1st place while Maximum Esports was ranked 2nd and Phoenix GaminG taking 3rd. After placing 5th at Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2018, this is the first time Maximum Esports made its way into the top 3 of a tournament. In the recent past, Phoenix GaminG and Noob Alliance have been in close competition to bag awards such as the National Best Clan Award and SLCG. With Gamer.LK’s introduction of mobile Esports titles to tournaments, Sri Lankan clans have been in a race to recruit the countries best mobile talent to strengthen their ranks. Younger clans like Wolf Gang Esports have shown great promise with these new title additions, having placed 4th overall at the Showdown. 

Counter Strike: GO
1st place: ZEGG Esports (No clan)
2nd place: Sum Ting Wong (Phoenix GaminG)
3rd place: Revolutionary Gamers (Maximum e-Sports)

Clash Royale
1st place: thor (Noob Alliance)
2nd place: Salmaan (Maximum e-Sports)
3rd place: Umesha Pina (Wolfgang eSports)

League of Legends
1st place: R [ 3 ] D (Phoenix GaminG)
2nd place: Phase (Noob Alliance)
3rd place: Lanka Lions (Phoenix GaminG)

Mobile Legends
1st place: Lost Boys (Noob Alliance)
2nd place: Angry Apes (Noob Alliance)
3rd place: IDK GAMING (Wolfgang eSports)

Rainbow Six Siege
1st place: L2K (Union Gaming)
2nd place: Team Area69 (Victrix Esports)
3rd place: Team Mwaha (Maximum e-Sports)

Dota 2
1st place: The G-Men (No clan)
2nd place: Solan Esports (Phoenix GaminG)
3rd place: Vicious And Delicious (Maximum e-Sports)

1st place: Anonymous (No clan)
2nd place: SHY MILITARY (Tech Morph)
3rd place: LK Bananas (No clan)

Call of Duty Mobile
1st place: Wrecking Wolves (Wolfgang eSports)
2nd place: DXGeneration A (Phoenix GaminG)
3rd place: THE MOB (No clan)

Free Fire
1st place: Renagados – A (Alpha Esports Club)
2nd place: DARK GHOST – A (Alpha Esports Club)
3rd place: Scavengers – B (Alpha Esports Club)

Call of Duty 4
1st place: Team iwnl (Maximum e-Sports)
2nd place: Chaos (Noob Alliance)
3rd place: Noobs With Attitude (Noob Alliance)

Stay tuned with Gamer.LK for more news.

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