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The Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 Online PUBG Mobile Squad Championship saw nA INVICTUS emerging the Champions at the end of a three match series played across the Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar maps. PnX Blaz came in second place with WG WiTchers coming in third.

1st Place: nA Invictus
Shamen ‘SムTANIC’ Edward
Madushi ‘WHISKY’ Perera
Nadeesha ‘NOORA’ Kaushalya
Mareen ‘SHムMEN’ Perera
Tharushi ‘BābySTAR’ Prabodha

2nd Place: PnX Blaz
Uthpala ‘SHUGGYッ’ Anthony
Sandali ‘爪卂丂卄卂’ Warnakulasooriya
Sanduni ‘SÃDUÑIxALPHA’ Kaushalya
Senadi ‘£SENADI£’ Medis

3rd Place: WG WiTchers
Piumi Dilhani
Vihara ‘JADE’ Liyanage
Shalindra ‘Frozen’ Dulmini
Thashyana ‘Tashi’ Kulendra
Sapna ‘Rogue’ Pinnapola

The scores of players who were unable to provide sufficient verification and meet the requirements set were not considered for the final tally.

The Women’s Cyber Games Championship ’20: Online is sponsored by Red Bull. The preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons.

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