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Further to Gamer.LK’s investigation of nA.Cherry’s performance during the DOTA 2 1v1 event (details here: https://gamer.lk/news/womens-cyber-games-20-investigations) Gamer.LK provided the player time to provide further proof of her performance. She was unable to do so, and therefore has been banned from Gamer.LK tournaments for a period of 1 year.



TM.Phanta has been banned from Gamer.LK tournaments for a period of 1 year and 3 months, broken down as follows:

  • Disrupting a tournament: 3 months
  • Impersonating a referee: 1 year

Based on IP matches provided by Tech Morph, Gamer.LK was able to confirm that TM.Phanta was the person who disrupted the tournament, and thereafter confessed to Gamer.LK during questioning. Gamer.LK was also able to match IPs and confirm that he had further impersonated a Gamer.LK referee during his disruption of the tournament.


This is the 4th instance in Sri Lankan Esports that players have received bans for sharing accounts, and also the 3rd instance players have been banned for disrupting a tournament. Gamer.LK takes the integrity of tournaments organised for the Sri Lankan Esports community very seriously, whether it’s account sharing or behaviour that disrupts events. We strive to protect Sri Lankan Esports athletes against disruptive elements in the community and will take necessary steps to grow a healthy and positive competitive scene in Sri Lanka.

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