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The league team from Lowkey eSports, previously known as Lanka Lions from Phoenix Gaming, moves to Noob Alliance.

Captain of the League of Legends team Ashik “ASHSL” Saleeth had this to say

The reception we got when we joined Lowkey Esports from PnX put us in a situation where the circumstances made it hard for us to join the clan back. When things didn’t work out with Lowkey Esports we approached some of the best clans in the Sri Lanka and nA being one of the most premier esports organizations in Sri Lanka were very welcoming. Our main goal is to dominate the South Asian league scene and we believe nA will support us to achieve this goal and we also hope to build a new dynasty in league along side nA.

Here’s what Phoenix Gaming had to say on this move

Ashik,Bhanuka,Acelord,Wonka and nightmare,they were with us for quite some time, every time they played for Phoenix Gaming, they left everything on the rift. Ashik above everyone else was a prominent member on our league wing. He served us well and we are thankful for what him and his team mates have done to our clan. We wish them best.

We reached Noob Alliance and they had this to say

Noob Alliance is excited to welcome Sri Lanka’s top League of Legends team into our organisation. They will be joining Team Phase – the old guard – in building a new dynasty in Sri Lankan League of Legends for Noob Alliance, and will be looking to conquer the South Asian scene; something no team from Sri Lanka has done before. This recruitment has proven to be valuable so far, we have learned so much about the game, and the way this team approaches it. It’s been quite a pleasant experience supporting this team, and we look forward to seeing their achievements in local and international stages.

What are your thoughts on Lowkey eSports League team moving to Noob Alliance?

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