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  • PR FOOL was suspected of using hacks to gain an unfair advantage at the P&S PUBG Mobile Series
  • Gamer.LK investigated the issue with the help of the Tencent security team
  • The investigation confirmed that PR FOOL was indeed a hacker
  • PR FOOL and his squad have been disqualified from the P&S PUBG Mobile Series
  • Placements of all other squads move up by 1, and points updated accordingly
  • MAX DXG SAS, OMA | ADEUSX & nA Team Destiny qualify for semi-finals

Squad “Professors A” of Group 9 have been disqualified following an investigation on the use of illegal HACKS during the tournament.

Squad “Professors A” consist of:


Upon early suspicion that “PR FOOL” was cheating, Gamer.LK reviewed his gameplay and sent it across to Tencent for further investigation. Tencent confirmed the use of 3rd party tools and banned his account. Tencent Games have made it clear that things like cheating and hacking will not be tolerated and the players doing it will suffer an exit from the game for a decade i.e the player will be banned from using PUBG and may suffer a life-time ban from competitive Esports in Sri Lanka.

Both he and his squad have been disqualified from the tournament following the results of the investigation and Gamer.LK will be taking further disciplinary action against “PR FOOL”.
The placement points of all other teams in Group 9 have changed as they move up 1 slot following this debacle.

Therefore, the new set of squads that qualify are as follows:

Position 1 – MAX DXG SAS
Position 2 – OMA | ADEUSX
Position 3 – nA Team Destiny

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