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The Perera & Sons PUBG Mobile Series comes to a conclusion with COMRADES – Team RADICALS placing 1st following 2 consecutive wins at “Miramar” and “Vikendi” with a total of 85 points after the final map at the Grand Finals. They took home 2 consecutive maps boosting their lead over their competitors by racking up placement points. Their hard-fought victory will allow them and the rest of the Top 8 to stake their claim on the Rs 100,000 prize pool put up for grabs by P&S.

2nd place: The Mister 2 – THE MISTER
3rd place: nA | FRag Code Black
4th place: MAX | BLOOD BROWS
5th place: nA | Team unknown 6
6th place: nA | Team Destiny
7th place: WG | TeamX9
8th place: WG | No RULES

The enthralling 2 months had its fair share of excitement with the entirety of the event racking up close to 170,000 total views while having a reach of almost 2 million on social media. Many were tuned in daily to support and cheer on the 1354 players that took part in the tournament.

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