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The Inter-School Esports Championship 2022 (ISEC ‘22) powered by SLT-MOBITEL has kicked off with the first grand finals featuring Call of Duty 4. Ten game titles will be played in the tournament and the first game has already produced a thrilling outcome. The competition saw Bandaranayake College Gampaha take home the gold medal in Call of Duty, while Nalanda College Colombo came in second place to earn the silver medal.

The teams competed with great intensity, showcasing their skills and strategy in the popular first-person shooter game. Bandaranayake College Gampaha’s victory was a testament to their excellent teamwork with their star player Dulanjana ‘MADARA‘ Menaka with a breakthrough performance. They were able to outplay their opponents and secure first place in the Call of Duty 4 category.

The Inter-School Esports Championship 2022 powered by SLT-MOBITEL continues to be a platform for young and talented Esports players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. The next few days will feature more exciting matches and game titles and the outcome of all game titles will result in determining the overall champion of the tournament. Bandaranayake College starts steady in the race to overthrow 6-time ISEC champions Gateway College Colombo.

Find out the standings of the Schools at this year’s Championship at https://school.gamer.lk/standings/

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