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DOTA 2 as First Game Title for 11th Esports World Championship

DOTA 2 as First Game Title for 11th Esports World Championship

International Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces DOTA 2 as the first official game title to be included in the 11th Esports World Championship in Seoul, Korea.

Considered to have universal appeal, DOTA 2 has been selected by IESF. According to Global Esports Market Report 2019 sourced from “Newzoo”, DOTA 2 has ranked in the top 3 as the most watched game title on Twitch and YouTube Gaming with 250.4 million hours.

IESF’s Esports World Championship is the only annual International Esports competition based on nationality. IESF’s Esports World Championship has been held every year since 2009, and is supported by all its 54 National Member Federations which hold national qualifiers in order to select representative teams.

IESF is currently in the process of selecting additional game titles and shall make the final announcement for all official and demonstration game titles after completing all negotiations with the Game Developers.

For more information regarding the 11th Esports World Championship please see IESF’s website: https://www.ie-sf.org/

11th Esports World Championship: December 11 to 15, 2019

11th Esports World Championship: December 11 to 15, 2019

International Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces the dates for its upcoming 11th Esports World Championship to be held in Seoul.

Following the very successful World Championships in Kaohsiung, IESF’s 11th Esports World Championship shall be held in Seoul, South Korea, from 11th to 15th December, 2019.

For over 10 years, Esports World Championship has established its status as the only International Esports World Championship based on participation from Member National Federations.

With the ever increasing number of IESF Member National Federations continually growing, such membership has now increased to 54 nations, and, as a result of such growth, IESF’s 11th Esports World Championship is a dynamic Esports World Championship reflecting the diversity and representation of its member federations.

For more information about IESF’s previous Championship history, such can be found on the following link: https://www.ie-sf.org/our-tournaments/



Magnus Jonsson is now serving as the acting Vice-President.

With the unexpected resignation of Silviu Stroie from International Esports Federation’s Board, a position has opened up on the Board which IESF will have to fill as soon as possible if the Board is to continue to fire on all cylinders.

As a stop-gap, IESF has temporarily appointed Board member, Magus Jonsson, of Sweden, to act as Acting Vice-President. Such appointment shall only be in force until the Board appoints a Board member formally to hold such office.

It is the President’s considered opinion that such position must be filed as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Should the President be absent, it is the Vice-President that must immediately step up to the plate and continue with the President’s workload, and
  • The Vice-President has oversight of the World Championships.

Thus IESF’s Board has selected Magnus Jonsson to act as acting Vice-President until further notice.

Colin Webster, President of IESF, says of Magnus, “Magnus is a valued Board member who has served IESF well during his terms of office and is more than capable of acting as a caretaker of such an important office.”


Jason Batzofin (foreground) is IESF’s current Players’ Commission Chairman

The relationship between Team members and International Esports Federation (IESF), Organising Committees, and National Federations is one founded on contract, being a combination of IESF’s Statutes and Regulations, entry form, National Federation Rules, and their Team Membership Agreements.

Accordingly, IESF’s Players’ Commission has no role during the Games. It also has no role in any nomination and selection disputes or any anti-doping or other disciplinary hearings or tribunals involving athletes.

The Commission, however, has a far more important purpose, and that is to represent the interests of esports athletes at IESF Board.

In 2019, the term of office of the inaugural Players’ Commission shall expire, and at IESF’s 2019 World Championships, all NF’s Player Representatives shall elect a new commission. Thus Jason Batzofin (South Africa), Koen Schobbers (Netherlands), and Madeleine Leander (Sweden), the first such committee, shall have served their full term and have to resign from their positions.

Each National Federation’s Players Representative shall have one vote each and shall elect six members of which half shall be male and half shall be female.

The voting shall take place at IESF’s 2019 World championships, and IeSF shall make a venue and time available for all the National Federation’s Players’ Representatives to meet.

It is at such meeting that the various National Federation’s Players’ Representatives shall state which of their number are making themselves available for election.

Only should there not be sufficient numbers for any one gender, then members of such gender may offer to stand for election even though they are not National Federation’s Players’ Representatives, but as long as they are team members at such World Championships.

To be a National Federation’s Players’ Representative, such athlete shall: • Have a seat, as per the NF’s own Constitution/Statutes, on the Board of such member federation, and • Have reached the age of majority, and • Have represented such member federation in a national team at an IESF World championships, and • Not be older than 30 years of age. This is a vital position that requires athletes who are dedicated and committed to ensuring a better environment for all athletes.

Certainly, Jason Batzofin (South Africa), Koen Schobbers (Netherlands), and Madeleine Leander (Sweden) all did their countries proud and have served with distinction.

IESF President, Coin Webster, stated, “IESF is proud of the contribution made by the members of the inaugural commission. All members worked well during their term of office and have created a culture within the commission that will ensure that all esports athletes are protected.”

“All that remains to be seen is, who shall be elected into office in 2019.”



To create better communication between IESF and all the esports athletes it serves, IESF’s Players’ Commission, hereby invites all athletes who have participated in member federation’s teams in IESF events to join IESF’s Players’ Commission discord and Facebook Group page.

All such athletes are encouraged to join both the Discord and Facebook Group page so that any and all concerns raised by athletes can be raised at Board level in order to help IESF improve the experience.

The Discord and Facebook Group page is reserved entirely for such athletes, and is a safe space for athletes to voice concerns or comment about anything. IESF’s Players’ Commission will do its very best to solve any issues any athlete may have.

All questions or concerns must be directed to:

• Facebook Group Page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/331951380921285/. • Discord Group- https://discord.gg/thHXAVm • E-mail – [email protected]

Vlad Marinescu joins IESF’s Board

Vlad Marinescu joins IESF’s Board

International Esports Federation’s Board, desirous of actively pursuing its ambitions as the sole International Federation for esports has co-opted Vlad Marinescu.

Vlad Marinescu, currently President of United States eSports Federation, served as the former Director of International Judo Federation, and then made his mark in international sport as the Former Director General of SportAccord (GAISF). While holding such position in SportAccord, Vlad installed and monitored recognition application process for recognition of International Federations, creation and operation of various Multi- SportGames, managed the full-operations of organization, all programs and platforms, and organized multiple World Championships.

IESF believes that its true assets are its member federations and those dedicated individuals that serve them.

Vlad therefore brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the IESF’s Board. As such the Board is confident that IESF will meet the goals in being accredited by Global Association of International Sports Federations(GAISF).