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With the country going on lockdown and physical events being cancelled, there’s one Sri Lankan sport that can continue unhindered – Electronic Sports. Registered as the 70th Sri Lankan sport by the Sports Ministry in September 2019, Esports can be played, and spectated, remotely via an internet connection. This allows Esports athletes from across the nation to join in the tournament online, right from their homes. Esports has been recognised as the fastest growing sport in the country in terms of viewership and participation.

Gamer.LK’s Esports Online Showdown encourages social distancing required to battle the COVID-19 spread in the country, and will be played over a month starting from 5th April 2020. 10 titles will be played with over 1,000 Esports athletes expected to participate.

Featured titles:
– Call of Duty 4 (PC)
– Call of Duty Mobile (Mobile)
– Clash Royale (Mobile)
– Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PC)
– Dota 2 (PC)
– Fortnite (PC)
– League of Legends (PC)
– Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Mobile)
– Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

Esports fans can tune in to spectate tournaments streamed live on facebook, youtube, twitch and mixer.

To participate, register at https://showdown.gamer.lk

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