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Sri Lankan clan Wolfgang E-Sports had this to say about their events:

Wolfgang E-Sports being a unique opportunity for the gamers of all ages world-wide to experience a pro-level gaming environment, was able to create one of the largest gaming tournaments in Sri Lanka. The “Caballeros”, a group of members of the Wolfgang E-Sports’ Call of Duty Mobile Wing hosted one of Sri Lanka’s biggest tournaments, “WolfGang Pro League 2020” which was a great success with more that 55 Teams and over 300 athletes registering for the tournament. The tournament streaming partner, “Hawa Gaming” conducted live projections and shout castings of the matches which attracted a massive audience. The Grand Finale of the WolfGang Pro League was a most awaited match by the audience as two professional teams; WG|Wrecking Wolves and nA|THExMØB battled it out to become the champions of the Pro League. The audiences grew to watch the wrecking wolves recover from the losing rounds and push through to become champions of the Pro League 2020. Having successfully completed the Pro League, “Caballeros” is now initiating the Online Battle Royale COD Mobile Championship; “Survival of the Fittest” which is the first platform in Sri Lanka allowing both PC and Mobile players to participate along with a grand cash prize for the winners.

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