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The SLT eSports Women’s Cyber Games organised by Gamer.LK is happening this weekend at Colombo City Centre and everyone’s excited to see who’ll take the top spots at the tournament. We have had women’s league in previous tournaments, but this is the first time an event is completely dedicated for female Esports athletes. Also, there’s a Rs. 100,000 prize pool up for grabs, distributed amongst the top 8 players of the tournament – exciting stuff! We’ve put together a list of women Esports athletes who you should keep an eye out for at the tournament – these girls have performed well at previous tournament and are bound to rack up some good points with their previous tournament experience!

Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera

With a strong history in Esports, Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera from Noob Alliance is a top contender for the 1st place title at the Women’s Cyber Games. Having multiple podium finishes at both the SLT Esports Tournament and SLCG, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s won the 2nd place title for both Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat XL at SLCG, as well as the 1st place title for Need for Speed at SLCG. She has also competed in the Call of Duty 4 tournament at SLCG.

Tharaki ‘Ivy’ Wackwella

Another contender from Noob Alliance, Tharaki ‘Ivy’ Wackwella has shown great potential at the SLT Esports tournament, placing 3rd for both Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat XL. She is also a Call of Duty 4 player and took part at SLCG. We look forward to seeing her perform at full capacity at the Women’s Cyber Games.

Sewwandi ‘Cindy’ Liyanage

A highly notorious name in the Sri Lankan community, Sewwandi ‘Cindy’ Liyanage from Tech Morph is yet another strong contender to look out for at the Women’s Cyber Games. A highly skilled FPS player, Cindy is infamous for carving her name out in the Call of Duty 4 community by ruthlessly beating the competition in a male-dominated game and made her presence felt by everyone. Now an Esports veteran who often plays in open tournaments, Cindy has her sights locked on the Women’s Cyber Games.

Kavindee ‘Vinky’ Kariyawasam

A regular participant for Mario Kart, Kavindee ‘Vinky’ Kariyawasam from Noob Alliance has shown great prowess in the title. Winning 2nd and 3rd places at the SLT Esports tournament and SLCG, Vinky’s performance has been near consistent. Not only does Vinky specialize in racing games, but she also competes in COD4.

Laroshi ‘chix0r’ Ganegoda

Laroshi Ganegoda aka chix0r has been around for quite a while. A standalone competitor with no allegiance to any clan, chix0r is no stranger to competitive Esports in Sri Lanka. A regular at Esport events, she started participating in competitive Esports in 2015 and has won many titles over the years. Consistent at the Women’s League, chix0r has won places at the SLT Esports tournament and SLCG for Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat XL.

Kasuni ‘Teehee’ Lokuarachchi

Teehee, another Noob Alliance player, captained the winning Call of Duty 4 team at SLCG last year. With her COD4 skills, it’s a sure shot for her to put some high points on the board in the Call of Duty 4 segment. The question comes in whether she can pull her weight in the other titles which she hasn’t got a podium finish before.

Notable mentions

These players are notable mentions because they’ve won events in the past, but unfortunately the titles they’ve won aren’t being played at the Women’s Cyber Games. It’ll be Project Cars in simulator racing format, which is different from the keyboard competition for Need For Speed played at previous SLCG and SLT events.

Dhinelka Anthony (Phoenix Gaming) – 1st place for Need For Speed SLCG
Tharushi Liyanage (Maximum Esports) – 2nd place for Need for Speed at SLCG and 3rd place at SLT Esports Championship
Piyumi Madhushani (Maximum Esports) – 3rd place for Need for Speed at SLCG

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