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After years of playing under the PnX banner, 3 of Sri Lanka’s top Dota 2 talent part ways with the clan. Mirsab “Paradox” Hassan, Viren “Hawkie” Dias and Munthasir “Toadboss” Shiraz played for Thé Kadé and later combined to play as Indomitus – both dominated the Sri Lankan Dota 2 scene for several years.

The move comes with the players looking for more flexibility to represent the country at international events outside of clan restrictions.

We spoke to Safwan “CB” Mansoor about this and he had this to say:

We decided to let go of Mirsab, Viren and Muntha because we respected their decision and we want to give them the opportunity to achieve their vision, even though them not representing the clan is going to be a big loss for our DOTA wing. They wanted to make the best team in the country with the best players out there and due to clan rivalry there were certain players that they wished to play with who were in different clans and they didn’t want a clan to be a barrier in making this team come true. So they communicated this with us and gave us the word that they will not represent any other clan and they want to go as a standalone team so that other players in other clans will be approachable and will not have any issue in joining them.

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