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A launchpad for local talent to reach PMSL 2024

Gamer.LK, Sri Lanka’s leading Esports and Video Games agency, proudly announces the launch of its PUBG MOBILE IGE Masters tournament, a new and exciting event in the South Asian Esports scene. Organised through its global brand InGame Esports, the event will be held as two distinct tournaments for South Asia and Pakistan, each featuring a prize pool of USD 3,000.

The event is also a crucial stepping stone towards the prestigious 2024 PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) Qualifier with three coveted slots up for grabs from each tournament, making it especially significant for Sri Lankan PUBG MOBILE teams to compete at an international level. Over 1,000 PUBG MOBILE teams from across South Asia have registered to take part in the IGE Masters tournament.

The PUBG MOBILE IGE Masters: South Asia welcomes teams from across the region, including Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives, and beyond. The tournament features country qualifiers for Nepal and Mongolia, while teams from Sri Lanka and other nations battle it out in a South Asia Wild-card qualifier. This stage is crucial for Sri Lankan teams, offering them a unique platform to showcase their skills and battle for a spot in the South Asia finals. The tournament will advance 6 teams each from Nepal and Mongolia, and 4 teams from the Wild-card qualifier to these finals. PUBG MOBILE IGE Masters: Pakistan stands as its own tournament offering Pakistan’s finest PUBG MOBILE teams a chance to make their mark and pursue global recognition.

Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of Gamer.LK & InGame Esports, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “We are incredibly excited to launch the PUBG MOBILE IGE Masters tournament series. This series represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to create platforms that elevate the gaming experience and provide opportunities for gamers to showcase their talents on a larger stage. The IGE Masters Tournament is a testament to our commitment to the growth and development of Esports in South Asia.”

Through its initiatives such as the Community Series and the Contenders Series, InGame Esports continues to champion the growth of Esports talent in the region. The launch of this Masters tournament series marks a new chapter for Gamer.LK and promises a new era for gamers in Sri Lanka to use this platform to springboard themselves onto the international stage.

Event updates, tournament livestreams and more information will be released on the Gamer.LK socials on Facebook @gamerlk and on Instagram @gamer.lk.

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