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The RLG FIFA Championship 2018, held at the flagship Redline Technologies store on the 2nd of July alongside their strategic partner Gamer.LK, came to an exciting close with the winner earning himself the chance to represent Sri Lanka on an all-expenses paid trip to the Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) 2018 in Singapore.

Proceedings kicked off early in the morning, with 96 registered cyber athletes who were ready to take on the challenge to represent their country as well as prove to everyone and themselves that they had what it took to be Sri Lanka’s best FIFA 18 player. The 96 participants were assigned to 6 groups consisting of 16 players each, where the top 2 athletes of each group moved forward into a final bracket containing the last 12 participants.

The 6 qualifiers saw some amazing and enthusiastic gameplay, where a lot of renowned players faced off. Most of the games came down to the wire in an amazing display of skill by the participants. The 12 cyber athletes that made their way to the final bracket were PnX.G, M-es.pro, PnX.Moin, TM.Sajadh, M-es Heatzer, TM.Sid, nA.Shark, PnX.Dishi, PnX.Sharpshooter, M-es.MhmdAfzl as well as PnX.Dumin and PnX.Costa.


With the qualifier out of the way, everyone’s high expectations for the final bracket were met with some breathtaking gameplay and exciting rivalries over the course of the final bracket. Fighting their way through to the semis, we saw PnX. Moin take on PnX. Dishi in the first semi-finals. The match seemed to be even, with both players scoring 2-2, until PnX. Moin pulled ahead, ending the game and taking the victory at 4-2 and advancing to the finals. In the second semi final we saw an old rivalry where nA. Shark took on PnX.Sharpshooter, which was one of the most anticipated matches of the entire tournament. It was an intense back and forth trade between both players coming into the final stretch of the game with a tied score of 3-3, but in a spectacular showing, nA.Shark clutched out the match with an amazing goal with space created from pass play to ensure the victory and snag a spot in the finals against PnX. Moin.

The finals was much more decisive than the previous matches of the bracket, with nA.Shark roaring out of the gates, taking an early lead over his counterpart Pnx.Moin, who tried his best to get back into the game, but the effort went to waste as nA.Shark ruthlessly pushed his lead, ending the game with a dominant 4-1 victory and earning himself the chance to represent Sri Lanka at the Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) 2018 in Singapore.


The Asian Football Gaming Championship 2018 will be hosted from the 11th of July till the 15th of July in Singapore, where some of Asia’s most talented FIFA 18 players will gather with a shot to bring glory to their country. We congratulate nA.Shark on his achievement and wish him the best of luck for the upcoming challenges he will face in Singapore.