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Sysco Embraces Esports with Esports Day

Sysco Embraces Esports with Esports Day

Sysco Labs Esports day was organised by Sysco Labs in partnership with Gamer.LK on the 25th of March, with titles such as Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed Most Wanted and the main attraction being Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare with Tekken 7 as a promotional title.

Gamer.LK organises the annual Mercantile Esports Championship which brings the competitive play of video games to workplaces. With over 100 companies taking part in last year’s Championship, it has become the largest sporting event at the Mercantile level. Sysco Labs has continued to perform well at the Championship by preparing and practising together with all their players and establishing a competitive video gaming culture within the company.

The main goal with the organising of their own Esports day was to find the best Esports athletes from within their ranks and showcase their talent and recognise them within the company. The enthusiasm shown by Sysco by putting together the event stands testament to Gamer.LK’s efforts in taking Esports to the masses.

There was a combination of teams named Lomu, Jordan, Phelps, Schumacher, Tyson, Maradona, Bradman and Bolt with each team fielding representatives for each title. Game 1 between team Phelps and team Schumacher was an intense neck to neck game which eventually ended up as a tie and had to be taken to an extra map where team Schumacher managed to clutch out the victory in the end.

Many of the participants actually had never taken part at an Esports tournament before and found it exciting and interesting as they were not expecting such a competitive environment as the stereotype for gaming has always been a casual aspect that people enjoy at the luxury of their homes. The teams displayed a great gaming spirit as they all fought as hard as they could till the end of the game not giving up at any point.

Closing out the proceedings with the grand finals was the COD4 match between team Maradona and team Schumacher which was definitely an eye-opening match as it seemed like team Maradona actually had the game in the bag until team Schumacher made a 5 round comeback to bring it to a 1 round deficit. As they could not keep the pace we saw team Maradona managing to take it back and clutch the victory, in the end, giving team Maradona not just the victory in COD4 but the overall victory for the event as well. We were able to speak to one of the organisers regarding the event overall and this is what they had to say.

Esports Championship was a successful first tribal event  organized by Ministry Of Fun at Sysco Labs partnering with Gamer.lk

The event was well organized by gamer.lk and the employees had fun battling for their tribe”


“Mirunaaliny S Iyer”

The day concluded with some new experience for everyone involved and once again showcasing just how far Esports has come making it a norm even in the working communities for people to get together and have a competitive environment in the comfort of their own workspace.

The winners for the event were as follows


Winner: Maradona

( Vijayindu Gamage, Ramith Lasitha, Chamil Prabodha , Achintha Reemal, Madhushika Weeramange )

Runner Up: Schumacher

( Janitha Samarasinghe , Rajitha Rajasooriya , Chamara Liyanage, Janith Bandara , Shakya Herath )

2nd Runners up: Lomu

(Abith Latiff , Nisal Muthugala , Dinuka Nadeeshan , Yohan Silva , Thilini Fernando)


Winner : Ashan Maduranga (Phelps)

Runner Up: Nisal Weerakoon (Maradona)

2nd Runners up: Isham Mohamed (Lomu)

MK XL Female

Winner : Naduni Mendis (Maradona)

Runner Up: Anusha Ihalapathirana (Phelps)

2nd Runners up: Thilini Jayawardana (Jordan)

NFS Most Wanted

Winner : Angelo Senaratne (Bolt)

Runner Up: Nandula Jayamaha (Phelps)

2nd Runners up: Munsif Musthafa (Maradona)

Overall Tournament

Champions : Maradona

Runners up : Phelps

2nd Runners up : Lomu

Make sure to keep track for more corporate events coming up from Gamer.LK and for Mercantile Esports that will be in July 2019 which is going to be bigger and better than ever this year.

Dota 2  නැවතත් පළමු ස්ථානය  පෑමිණේ.

Dota 2 නැවතත් පළමු ස්ථානය පෑමිණේ.

මාර්තු මාසයේ මුල සතිය වෙනවිට Dota 2 ක්‍රීඩාවට හිමි වී තිබූ valve’s “Most Played game” යන ස්ථානය අහිමි වී අවුරුද්දක් පමණවේ.ඊයෙ රාත්‍රියේ නිකුත් වු නවතම දත්ත වලට අනුව 2017 සිට Dota 2 ක්‍රීඩාවේ යෙදෙන ක්‍රීඩකයන් ප්‍රමාණය 1,000,000 ට අධික වෙනවා, එක Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds ක්‍රීඩාවත් පසු කිරීම විෂේශත්වයක්.

තත්වය මෙසේ වීමට ගොඩක් හේතු ව් ඈත්තේ valve වලින් Game එකට නිතරම updates, අලුත් Heroes ලා හදුන්වා දීමත් එම ක්‍රීඩාවේ mechanics අලුත් කිරීමත් ගොඩාක් දුරට බලපා තිබෙන බව කියන්න පුලුවන්.

S.Thomas’ College Includes Esports at Momentum Youth Expo

S.Thomas’ College Includes Esports at Momentum Youth Expo

The Momentum Youth Expo is an educational fair organised by S.Thomas’ College Old Boys Association with the intention of assisting youth which presented the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ the opportunity to organise an Esports tournament at a school level and showcase their passion for Esports. With Gamer.LK’s school Esports initiatives over the past 4 years, school participation in Esports has seen immense growth. Last year’s Inter-School Esports Championship had over 100 schools taking part – making it Sri Lanka’s largest school-level sporting event.

The Esports tournament “Havoc” which was organised by the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College during the Momentum Youth Expo concluded on the 24th of February 2019. The tournament revolved around League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA19 with a prize pool for each title. With 50 registered contestants ready to take on the odds and display their skills for a chance to claim the prize that was up for grabs.

Proceedings kicked off at around 12.00 p.m commencing the games off with a Call of Duty match alongside a League of Legends match which quickly built engagement as the crowd started gathering around the area to figure out where all the screaming was coming from. Immediately keeping with the action, the FIFA19 qualifier kicked off.

With some known teams showing up and some new faces joining in on the action as well, the day saw some ups and downs in terms of performance. Finding new talents who never knew how good they were at gaming finally getting the chance to showcase their prowess in their respective games.

The Havoc Esports event concluded around 5 30 p.m with teams displaying energy and a strong drive which made the event to be quite the exciting one as the final games were closed out. As Esports moves forward seeing even school clubs embracing as well as organising Esports tournaments, showcases strong evidence of how far Esports has come over the years, rapidly becoming a recognised sport in Sri Lanka.

PnX Indomitus Takes Sri Lankan Esports International

PnX Indomitus Takes Sri Lankan Esports International

Acer Predator League Thailand welcomed Esports players from all over the Asia Pacific region in anticipation of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 which concluded in stunning fashion recently. The dual games PUBG and DOTA 2 competition titles were held during the 15th February 2019 to the 17th February 2019 at the Nimibutr Stadium Bangkok ,Thailand

Phoenix Gaming team Indomitus who were the Sri Lankan representatives that qualified during the leg of qualification held on the 13th of January. The team made their journey across to Thailand where they would meet even tougher opponents awaiting them in the arena. With a combination of senior players from Sri Lanka’s Dota 2 scene in the full roster and a lot of experience under their belt. The team roster was as follows:

PnX | indomitus

Viren Dias (c)

Munthasir Shiraz

Mohamed Shafras

Mirsab Hassan

Dinuka Perera

Mohammed Walid

The team was taking on a tall task having to take on teams such as TNC.Predator,BOOM ID,Signify,LOTAC etc. The first team our hometown heroes had to go up against was team yG who beat flash gaming in round 1.

Game 1

Game 1 saw Indomitus pick up some of their signature heroes in terms of Winter Wyvern,one of Hawkie’s best heroes as an opener along with heroes like Troll Warlord,Axe,Outworld Devourer and their last pick,a position 4 Batrider.Team yG went with Grimstroke a hero that has been extremely annoying to deal with on top of being a strong early game lane dominating hero,followed by Chaos Knight who has risen to become one of the most annoying offlaners in the patch with the insane amount of sustainability that he has with his passive third skill. Up next team yG picked up Razor to counter the Troll Warlord as well as lane against the OD which basically kills 2 birds with 1 stone,rounding up things by picking up a position 5 Sven to provide some damage mitigation and finishing up with a last pick Beast Master.

The early game did not fare too well for our home heroes as the safe lane was pressured immensely by an aggro tri lane with Grimstroke,Sven and Chaos Knight who went up against Indomitus composition of Winter Wyvern,Troll and Batrider who joined the lane later. With a lack of disables Indomitus found themselves in deep waters as the mid lane was hard picking as Razor was doing a good job of dominating the lane by draining most of OD’s damage.Things fell apart from there as yG did an amazing job of keeping up their aggressive pace while maintaining farm speed not allowing Indomitus to get back into the game. Ending the first game in 25 mins with some synergized plays coming out from the Grimstroke,Sven and Beastmaster which never really allowed Indomitus to get the footing they needed to make a comeback.

Game 2

Game 2 saw a very different type of draft in terms of the last game,the only common picks being the Grimstroke while all the other heroes were completely different in terms of synergy.Indomitus went with a composition of Disruptor,Lifestealer,Sven,Clockwork and to round things off was a last pick Shadow Fiend.yG took a much more aggressive positioning as they picked up Tiny alongside Grimstroke,Nature’s Prophet,Slark and Spirit Breaker.

Once again having a bad start on the lanes Indomitus found themselves in a tough spot early on in the game as the top lane was being pressure by the high base damage of Natures Prophet as well as diving potential that came out of spirit Breaker which allowed them to get ample amount of kills in the game.With Sven and Clockwerk not being able to apply the same amount of pressure on the Slark as it was difficult to man fight him with the essence shift stacks.The tiny took off going on a killing spree as soon as he picked up one of his core items using it to time and combine his spells well to keep the favor on yG’s side.Even with some resistance coming out of the side of Indomitus who showed some glimmer of hope towards the 18-20 min mark but fell short as they got caught out after a successful Roshan attempt made by yG which gave them the opportunity to finish up the game sending our home heroes to the lower bracket to face up against either Signify or LOTAC two top tier teams who have showcased some real talent and promise in the recent past.

Lower Bracket Game 1

The lower bracket game saw Indomitus take on LOTAC in a Bo3 series.Kicking things off we had Indomitus with a very laning stage dominant picks in heroes like Slardar,Tusk,Viper all who individually and together dominate their lanes.Having a tool kit that allows them to be aggressive and move around the map.Rounding things off with Hawkies Wyvern as well as an Ursa for more early game aggression if they get out of the laning stage well.

In response we saw LOTAC pick up Tiny and Undying during the first phase which spelt a lot of trouble for the safelane as Undying is usually a very strong laner specially with a hero like Tiny who has some decent burst damage.To finish up their draft LOTAC decided to go with Lion for lockdown Batrider as an Initiator and Phantom Assassin to bring that physical damage to the table.

The game started off pretty slow the only early game kills being the 2 on the top lane and it seemed like the game would be a long one.That is until the Tiny managed to pick up one core item and with the rest of his team LOTAC started dominating the map pushing their advantage and slowly crippling Indomitus who fought as hard as they could but with the tombstone and a lot of damage and control coming out from the Lion and Batrider put LOTAC in a dominating position to end the game at the 19 min mark.

Lower Bracket Game 2

Going into game 2 things seemed to not work out too well for our representatives from Sri Lanka so they brought out a new strategy drafting a combination of heroes like Skywrath Mage,Sven,Undying,Lich and Juggernaut a mix of synergies.Where as we saw much of the same from LOTAC picking up Elder Titan and Phantom Assassin along with Nature’s Prophet,Puck and Centaur Warrunner.

This game took a different turn as the top lane seemed to be more aggressive than it should have.Having a tri lane take on an aggro tri lane the spectators were in for a lot of blood in the lane but LOTAC danced around most of the movements made by Indomitus giving them the opportunity to turn and get return kills on Indomitus.When LOTAC hit their timing THEY HIT THEIR TIMING HARD!.Applying so much pressure that it was overwhelming and Indomitus could not find the space they needed to turn the game around and LOTAC coming out on top eliminating Indomitus from the tournament.

The team put in a lot of effort into the tournament and we managed to get a comment from the captain Viren Hawkie Dias who had a lot to say but could not sum up all of his experiences in a short sentence.This is what he had to say.

“We were definitely outmatched by our opponents, but we felt they were beatable if we had Mirsab. We spent the last 4 months practicing with him and having to swap him out for Walid just 2 days before leaving was tough. Even more so because it involved a role switch for Muntha, who had been practicing offlane, to mid.

We had put in a lot of effort into our practice sessions – over a 100 scrims and countless pubs, but our result wasn’t unexpected. After all, we are essentially part time Dota players playing against full time Dota players. We tried our best given our circumstances, and that’s what makes me feel fulfilled. But of course we would like to improve a lot more!

Aside from the games themselves, the experience was amazing! The tournament was brilliantly organised – we were all given local SIMs upon arrival, the hotels and the stadium were literally across the road, we had booths for each team with amazing PCs and a staff member on standby to attend to our needs, all matches were BO3 and there were minimal delays.

We met a lot of famous players – the legendary YamateH, the towering yet polite Ohaiyo, the fun-loving Xyclopz (if you thought his casting was funny, wait till you meet him) and of course, the entire TNC team!

Last but not least, I’d like to make a shoutout to our team buddy EM who was incredibly helpful and really good company!”

We congratulate PnX.Indomitus on their efforts as they have set the bar high and done our country proud but mostly proving that putting in effort and time to the things you love will always get you where you need to be.It may look like a small step but it is indeed a huge leap for Esports in general for Sri Lanka having an opportunity to represent the country in a tournament of this scale and someday soon we may even see ourselves as the champions in upcoming major International tournaments.


Gamer.LK Wins Sri Lanka’s Best Digital-Integrated Campaign for 2018

Gamer.LK Wins Sri Lanka’s Best Digital-Integrated Campaign for 2018

Sri Lanka Telecom organised the  SLT ZeroOne Awards for the year 2017/18 on the 11th of December. It is a unique ceremony dedicated to recognising digital excellence in brands, individuals as well as institutions who have made large strides and advancements with the assistance of digital technology. This awards program is a brainchild of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC.

The SLT Zero One Awards was first held in 2016 where it became a huge success as a centre of attraction in the business world. The 2017/2018 edition awarded businesses and/or individuals for the work undertaken during the period of 2017/2018 in the areas of Best Digital-enabled Product/Service, Best Digital-Integrated Campaign, Best Community Empowerment Programme, Best Digital Media Agency, Best Website or Microsite, Best Use of Mobile.

The award was won for the wide reaching digital campaign for Play Expo 2017 – Sri Lanka’s largest digital entertainment and technology expo

With roots in Esports and organising the largest video gaming championships in Sri Lanka, Gamer.LK consists of technology enthusiasts who are keen to see digital entertainment in Sri Lanka grow. Gamer.LK has become the flagship organisation for Esports in the country and boasts of a community of over 50,000 that follow and take part in our events and initiatives. With over 11 years of experience in the Esports and digital entertainment industry in Sri Lanka, Gamer.LK takes pride in leading the revolution to bring digital entertainment to the masses. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook,Youtube as well as Twitch, Gamer.LK continues to focus on digitally driven campaigns and promotions aimed at maximising user engagement and reach, thereby enabling the growth in the Esports community which resulted in Gamer.LK being awarded the Best Digital-Integrated Campaign in the Category for Media and Publishing.

Below is a short clip of Vikum Jayasekara, Director of InGame Entertainment receiving the award at the ceremony taken from their livestream.

Having well-coordinated activities are critical to the success of any marketing campaign. Demonstrating how different mediums have come into play while simultaneously making sure that the marketing message is received by the greatest number of people within the target market. Highlighting how digital marketing campaigns have played a pivotal role in the  execution of any event or marketing plan. Gamer.LK will keep taking strides to grow Esports in the Nation and take it to newer heights. If you want to be apart of this award winning team check out one of our available vacancies

For further details contact us on – [email protected]