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“Ghost Warriors” is a clan with immense talent in their ranks with teams such as Team Insane” for Call of Duty, and Team Dark Knights” for League of Legends as well as Special Forces 2. Having talent such as Real Mojo who is one of the best supports in League of Legends in Sri Lanka right now and the likes of Himasha Shalini Perera who has been the two time champion in the women’s Need for Speed tournament as well as a dedicated member in team Dark Knights who also became the runners up for Special Forces 2 during Sri Lanka Cyber Games in 2017. “Ghost Warriors” have shown great potential in the eSports arena, bringing together talented individuals who work both as a team and as individuals each doing their own role to the best of their abilities.Ghost Warriors wanted to take their gameplay to the next level, and  receiving an invite from Noob Alliance to join their clan was their way forward

In a smooth acquisition “Ghost Warriors” have now joined the ranks of Noob Alliance. The alliance will reap rewards as the talent that has been on display will have a chance to practice and compete with one another and bring about a sense of self improvement as being in an environment of high skilled cyber athletes always bring about the competitive side of any player, increasing the amount of time invested as well as the concentration levels as games become that much more intense.


We were able to catch up with both  clans and get their opinion on what is instore for the alliance in the coming future and how they felt about the acquisition. We spoke to Lahiru mi-_RA#” Perera about how he felt about joining Noob Alliance


“The truth is, when I started gaming, I was seeking for a great place to improve my skills, a great place to spend time with and a great place to have good friends. In this search of a great clan I found some but none of them lasted for long. Maybe it’s due to the experience of their admins, or maybe it’s due to the internal conflicts between the clan. It was then, I found ‘Ghost Warriors’, a small clan surrounded by all the huge clans which was out there, with the most friendly and caring people. So I decided to stay there, It was not the reputation of the clan which is important, it is always the people. Years passed we played every tournament, we played with all the great teams which was out there not always the victory but for the fun and experience. Times passed things changed and it was then we realized we have to bring forward our skills up to the professional level. We knew about nA, we had played against nA and we needed to improve. Yes, nA was out there among the clan giants who holds the experience and perfection, so we all agreed to go beyond our potential, improve our gameplay and most of all, as I said earlier, to have great friends.”

Finally finding a piece of the puzzle how will this affect the two clans? Will it lead to better growth of talent? Will it create an electrifying atmosphere that shocks the community with upsets in tournament to even tournament championships? Your guess is as good as ours – it is uncertain but also very possible.


Receiving a statement in regards to the acquisition from Noob Alliance,


“Noob Alliance’s main Target with the acquiring is getting a spot at women’s league and help them to develop the games they are currently playing. In return developing their skills Noob Alliance gets to secure some places at these games. They are mainly taking part in Special Forces 2 and Call of Duty 4 as well as League of Legends”


Noob Alliance currently placed third in the national rankings. With Ghost Warriors onboard, will they be able to reach the coveted number one spot on the Sri Lankan eSports clan ranking? Especially when it comes to getting a top spot at Women’s league with Special Forces 2 and Call of Duty having potential to rise to the top as well. Prior to their joining Noob Alliance, Ghost Warriors had been in high demand, having  been approached by Phoenix Gaming to join their ranks.


This is the latest in a series of recruitments and acquisitions by Noob Alliance over the past 6 months. With the stepping down of their senior team last year, the younger leadership has commenced an aggressive recruitment strategy to slingshot them to the number 1 spot in 2018. We watch eagerly to see the results of these decisions play out against the other clans vying for the top position.