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We had a chat with a leading PUBG Mobile team, Team FRag.

How your team came to be? Let us know the story and about the leadership of the clan

FRag Team was Initially a usual set of young school students/classmates that started saying “Ado machan theres this game called PUBG lets all play” the very lines that made us start playing a Battle Royal Game on Mobile. The Initiative of Starting up a clan and making us get serious into it by giving us his opinions, advices was Mohammed Riham A.K.A FRagTauter our clan Leader. Up Until now we have been together since 2012 and it has been going really well for us. We have had ups and downs with so many arguments and quarrels in the end We all had one ambition and aim to Put Sri Lanka on the Map by reaching globals and reach the top 10 spots in the world ranking of PUBG mobile. It was our Clan Leader, We would more likely call him Our BestFriend as he has never tried dominating us but merely showing us our potential and making us perform in an elite level which has helped us as FRag Team to Conquer and Dominate the Sri Lankan PUBG community and retain a title as the Kings Of Pochinki.

How many members in FRag? Also who are the star performers

Our Clan has always been a closed one where we were concerned about helping each other to excel and grow, rather than having a lot of members. So far FRag Team has 17 FRaggers in which there are two main Lineups that participate in Tournaments and Scrims.The Main Lineup has been FRagTauter, FRagPunisher, FRagWalken and FRagMinator the main Squadron who have showed consistent dedication towards all our victories.

What are the achievements so far?

And then our achievements and the 1st ever one that made us get a name and recognition for ourselves was the Mobitel Championship Organized by Clutch-Gen Esports in which we emerged Champions and then we have had endless victories in many other interclan tournaments such as Chapter001 Runners up, DOD Champions, OneManArmy Champions, Interschool Esports Runners up, Bandaragama Gaming Community Champions Etc. Apart from the Sri Lankan Tournaments we have dedicated ourselves in performing in International Tournaments and Scrims.

When did you join Phoenix GaminG and why?

Phoenix GaminG approached us when we were at the the talk of the town with so many teams competing we ended up getting highlighted so when they approached us we were honoured at the start and happy that this would be an opening for us to achieve our dreams and goals in reaching the elite level in PUBG mobile and become the Tier 1 teams of Sri Lanka. Phoniex Gaming is a Top Esports Organization that has competed in many tournaments featuring many games. The main reason we would say as to why we joined was to have a good background support also get more advice from the Players who know the Esports industry better also in order to help us in everyway possible for us to reach international level.

What was the reason to leave the Phoenix GaminG clan?

As FRag team we decided to leave Phoenix Gaming due to certain reasons.We joined Phoenix gaming in June 2019. Since then we didn’t get the right recognition and support that we expected we would get from an E-Sport clan. As PUBG mobile is a growing game, their has been many pubg mobile official global tournaments which we wanted to eagerly participate in order to represent Sri Lanka. We wanted proper guidance and support from people who have good knowledge in E-sports, but since we joined Phoniex we have not been able to get that as we expected we would. Since the day we joined until now :- 

  1. We found our own ways to improve ourselves. 
  2. We found our ways to contact international bodies to participate in international tournaments/Elite custom rooms. 
  3. We never had any interclan practice rooms which would have help us improve our tactics and team work. 
  4. Even though we won clutch gen we still had a lot to learn so we thought Phoenix GaminG would give us a good exposure and background support to be the best in the business that is PUBG mobile. 
  5. The international room posters were posted in the Phoenix pubg whatsapp group but none of admins took notice of it and we were taken for granted. So these were the reasons we had to leave Phoenix GaminG

Why did you decide to join Noob Alliance? Explain your plans with Noob Alliance and how this will align the goals of Team FRag

Even though we left Phoenix GaminG we always know that without a good background support from a well organized esports clan we won’t be able to reach and achieve our goals and ambitions. In spite of that Noob Alliance has had good connections and has always been asking about our progress at Phoenix GaminG and we told all our problems to them and they didn’t give any sort of false hope but had a sit down meeting and explained on how things work and what they would be doing for us. Noob Alliance didn’t just talk about taking us in nor that they are also well reputed as Phoenix GaminG they treated us like we were family. That really inspired us that we would get the right recognition and support from Noob Alliance. Our plans for the future with noob alliance is to perform in getting PUBG mobile ranked in Sri lanka and also to reach the internationals. So in simple terms our goals are not two but as One, Team Frag would always be commited and Bring fame and pride to Noob Alliance. #nAPride #nAFamily

Where do you think Sri Lanka stands within South Asia?

Sri Lanka isn’t that far from reaching the top ranks in any esports game. We have seen that we Sri Lankans are capable of doing miracles and that we have hidden talents too. If we could get the right recognition and the right support we would definitely bring pride to our nation.

Any advice to anyone who’s starting to play PUBG in Sri Lanka?

To those who look up to the PUBG community and Start playing PUBG play it in a way that you could reach an international level. We have limited players with the mindset of having a long term vision. But what we would say as FRag Team is be consistent and practice hard, learn from others and dont have unnecessaey arguements among your fellow lankans. Be the person who would guide a team to reaching heights rather than just treating it as a game. 

Just as our clan Leader FRagTauter used to motivate us with these words – “Boys Api Globals yannadda?”

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