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The Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA), the governing body for Esports in Sri Lanka founded by Gamer.LK and consisting of the 9 main Esports clans in the country recently awarded the National Esports Awards at the Sri Lanka Cyber Games Championship held last weekend. The awards are held to recognise outstanding performance, contribution and ethics in the Esports scene in Sri Lanka, and is calculated based on a number of factors decided and agreed on by SLESA.

The winner of the best clan award

Best Clan
Noob Alliance

Second place
Phoenix Gaming

Third place
Tech Morph

The best clan award is a highly contested title which has been won by Phoenix Gaming for the past 4 years. Noob Alliance managed to break the winning streak this year by taking the title for the first time. The best clan award takes into account the following aspects of a clan

  • Performance of their members throughout the year (accounts for 40% of points)
  • How diversified their performance has been – the more titles the better (10%)
  • Organisation points for how structured the clan is (20%)
  • The clans contribution to Esports (10%)
  • Ethics – whether or not the clan has members who have been banned or warned (10%)
  • Community poll (10%)

Phoenix Gaming came out on top in the performance portion of the calculation with a small 4-point lead. Noob Alliance overtook PnX with points in title diversification, ethics and the popular vote, thus establishing that a clan must score high on all factors in order to be crowned best clan in Sri Lanka. The precedent has been set, and clans will be pushing to better their organisations to reach for the ultimate title next year.

The winners of the individual awards

The awards committee looks at the best performing individuals from each recognised SLESA title based on ranked tournaments help from SLCG 2017 until the last ranked tournament before SLCG this year. These are the athletes that stood out in their field and were recognised with best athlete of the year medals for their respective titles.

Best referee of 2018
Nimnaka Perera

Best Shoutcaster of 2018
Abdul Basith

Best Project Cars athlete of 2018
Hafzel ‘PnX.hafzel’ Perera

Best Tekken 7 athlete of 2018
Roshan ‘PnX.jura’ Jurampathi

Best Injustice 2 athlete of 2018
Umashankar ‘x3.Redwire’

Best Clash Royale athlete of 2018
Joel ‘nA.daniel’ Joung

Best FIFA athlete of 2018
Dishan ‘PnX.Dishi’

Best Special Force 2 athlete of 2018
Hasitha ‘M.eS-Chabba’ Samaraweera

Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive athlete of 2018
Omal ‘x3.Roach’ Prabudda

Best Overwatch athlete of 2018
Ruvin ‘nA.Ghost’ Kularathna

Best League of Legends athlete of 2018
Ashik ‘PnX.AshSL’ Saleeth

Best DOTA 2 athlete of 2018
Viren ‘PnX.Hawkie’ Dias

Best Call of Duty 4 athlete of 2018
Sameera ‘nA.svtue’ Vidushanka

We congratulate all winners who have shown exceptional skill and represented Sri Lankan Esports with pride and integrity! We look forward to a fantastic 2019 where the stake are higher and the competition starts fresh!

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