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The fan favorite underdog Victorious Secret made big waves in the scene this year by consistently placing top 2 at all major LAN and online events.
Taking home the top two slots in almost all competitive Dota 2 events for 2018 they ended the duopoly held by The Kade/Indomitus + Death Sentence. Thus solidifying their position as a definite contender for the best Dota2 team in the island.
Due to personal reasons both Kevin ‘ZackPuppy’ Kadanarachchi and Kaveesha ‘Devanstine’ Kagasuru have had to step down from the active roster.
To fill up the gaps left by their absence veterans Muksith ‘Tenza’ Ajwath and Heshan ‘SathaN’ Sanjaya entered the team as stand ins.

Captain Isuru ‘Deathwish’ Lokuge had this to say about the situation :

‘ The whole of VS would like to thank Zackpuppy for the time he spent with us. Unfortunately his changes in his life meant that he couldn’t carry on playing with us, but he’s killing it in Dubai. Devanstine has chosen to take a small break and hopes to come back once he has a better understanding of the patch”

When asked about the two new additions Deathwish said this :

“They(tenza and sathan) bring a wealth of experience to the table and we hope to get as much as possible from them. We also want to thank them for helping us out at the last moment.”

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