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GCLL 2019 Winners Crowned!

GCLL 2019 Winners Crowned!

This years Gamer.LK Clans League of Legends League (GCLL) featured the newest tournament system set up by GLK; a Challenger League and a Pro League.
The Challenger League was an open tournament which amassed over 40 registrations. The top 2 teams of this tournament were given the opportunity to play in the Pro League.
LGN-PAX and Team Mystic made it through to the Pro League where they got to face the top 6 ranked League of Legends teams in the country.

After a thrilling two weeks the Pro League concluded on the 25th of November where nA – Phase took the finals with 3 – 0  score against PnX-R [3] D, with an advantage from the upper bracket. In their journey to the finals Phase met currently ranked #1 PnX-Lanka Lions, favourites to win the tournament, in the upper bracket final. They convincely beat  Lanka Lions 2 -1 on their way to finals.

Team R [3] D on the other hand had a tougher road to the finals. Dropping to the loser bracket early in the tournament, R [3] D was always one game away from being knocked out. Despite this they made it to the lower bracket finals where they met Lanka Lions and bested them in a best of 3 matchwith a score of 2 -1.

nA-Phase roster:

  • Disuru ‘Hawa’ Rathnayake (Captain)

  • Shashika ‘Candypanda’ Yushan

  • Tharuka ‘Kratos’ Fernando

  • Anjana ‘Mojo’ Amarasinghe

  • Eranda ‘Garfield’ Madushan

  • Kushan ‘Saber’ Dakshitha (Substitute)

From what we witnessed this was the most exciting GCLL so far since every team gave it their best at the pro league with intense nail biting finishes. Hard work finally paid off after hours and hours of late night practice, it’s really comfortable to play in a team that has five best friends. – Disuru ‘Hawa’ Rathnayake

Game 1

Game 2

Inshi joins Team Apostrophe!

Inshi joins Team Apostrophe!

Inshani “Inshi” Shalinga is a Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike Global Offensive player who has been actively participating in competitive gaming since 2017. She initially got into Esports by watching teams compete at SLT eSports 2017. She was quickly picked up by Maximum Esports early in 2018 and spent a year there. According to her, the lack of investment and focus from Max into multiplayer games was the motive for her move to TechMorph where she felt she could further her gaming career. Her decision was made easier when she found out that TechMorph had a female CoD4 team: Team Apostrophe. 

When asked about her perspective on the clan system as a female gamer Inshani had this to say :

“The clan system and the gaming environment is great and being around a male environment female players can learn a lot through their game-play.”


Lowkey Esports picks up two more local teams!

Lowkey Esports picks up two more local teams!

Earlier this month Lowkey eSports picked up their CS:GO team from Sri Lanka. The American organization has now expanded their horizons by acquiring Sri Lanka’s Lanka Lions (League of Legends) and Team L2k (Rainbow Six Siege). As such, the following athletes will play under Lowkey’s banner :

League of Legends squad:

  • Ashik “ASHSL” Saleeth (Captain)
  • Bhanuka “XiaoRaven” Ratnayake
  • Shalitha “Acelord” Chandraratne
  • Achintha “Nightmare” Konara
  • Seyed “Willy Wonka” Sajid

Rainbow Six Siege squad :

  • Dulshan “Fatalz” Lakvidu, (Captain)
  • Tejitha “Frosty” Nanayakkara, 
  • Sachethana “SACH” Liyanage, 
  • Gayan “JayV” Bandaranayake and 
  • Heshan “BL4NK” Virantha
  • Malith “ScorpioN” Prasanna (Substitute)
  • Gihan “Jay” Jayawardana (Substitute)


The league team has been coupled with Warren “LL Alpacalipstick” Wijayaratnam as their coach. He is an internationally recognized personality for coaching, famous for coupling principles of military science with his training ideology. 

“Lowkey Esports is the breakthrough we were hoping for all these years and we are very excited to work with our first coach ever. We are looking to revolutionize league scene in Sri Lanka but our main eye is on South Asian scene.”

Ashik “ASHSL” Saleeth, Captain of the League of Legends team

“Joining Lowkey Esports has been a tremendous opportunity for us and a much needed change which allows us to discover our full potential as a team.

We can say that we have been dominant in the Sri lankan Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene without sounding too arrogant since we have won almost every single tournament we’ve competed in for the past 2-3 years. We are planning to focus on ESL India tournaments next year as that is currently the highest level of competition we can compete in due to region restrictions. We are lucky to be playing under Lowkey Esports and we are motivated to improve than ever before.”

Sachethana “SACH” Liyanage, Member of the Rainbow Six Team

Who do you think Lowkey should pick up next? Comment below! 

LowKey Esports grabs ex-pro as coach

LowKey Esports grabs ex-pro as coach

Former Counter-Strike pro-team Dignitas coach Teric “bibby” Ingram has been recruited by Sri Lankan Esports team LowKey Esports to train the team in preparation for their future international tournaments.

LowKey Esports Sri Lanka consists of

  • Omal “Roach” Prabuddha
  • Geeshan “Defiance” Jayaraj
  • Shakir “Hikka” Razak
  • Zayyaan “HeLLScrM” Ali
  • Sanjeev “BeN” Kalaieesan

They recently were denied visa to India for the Zowie eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia 2019, but are looking forward to take part in the upcoming IGE South Asia Cup.

Droves leave TechMorph for Noob Alliance!

Droves leave TechMorph for Noob Alliance!

Seems like the grass didn’t stay green at TechMorph HQ. In a shocking mass transfer 28 members from TechMorph moved to Noob Alliance. This transfer took place last month and below is a comprehensive list of the players involved.

COD 4 players

  • Durendra ‘saku?’ Wijesuriya
  • Dilan ‘PUNKBUSTER’ Savishka
  • Vidura “Arma” Pasan
  • Chathura ‘Flasherare <3’ senarath
  • Shalika ‘GG son<3’ Dissanayake
  • Lakshan ‘Thief’ Sandeepa
  • Saranga ‘PR[3]Z’ Kumarasinghe
  • Janitha ‘Black<3’ Iroshan
  • chathuranga ‘Galpatha’ ranaweera
  • Athulsha ‘BullsEYE’ Dulaj
  • Bhanuka ‘Showtekk’ Mahendra
  • Yatheesh ‘Dr.Wp’ Pasindu

 Dota 2 players

  • Samadith “SaMa” Minsilu
  • Ishara ‘Drako’ Umayanga
  • Rivimal ‘Tempest’ Amarasinghe
  • Sanura ‘ SNOW’ Supun
  • Thanuka ‘Tk/K317H’ Keith
  • Lochana ‘D3MoNAppU’ Perera
  • Anuhas ‘Pookieey ?’ Thanthirimudalige
  • Pasindu ‘DeNnIS’ Ranasinghe
  • Dushantha ‘nightcore’ jayawardana
  • Ravindu “OneAboveAll” Thimal
  • Kavindu ‘Hetti.jr’ Hettiarachchi
  • Buddhi ‘Fearless’ Chathuranga
  • Devmith ‘Zen’ Weeraratne
  • Kasun ‘kassa’ Viraj
  • Kanchan ‘Zhu’ Nuradha
  • Sasindu ‘sas’ Sadaruwan


In the past the largest moves would be a team or two joining a rival clan. A move of this magnitude is unprecedented, specially when most of these players have been part of TechMorph for at least four years.
The reason for this, following what seems to be a common trend, was a dispute between clan admins (in TechMorph) and the players. Certain decisions made by such admins amounted to “disrespectful” towards long standing and valuable members. There was also a lack of support is what Durendra ‘saku?’ Wijesuriya had to say.

He went on to say that Noob Alliance was chosen simply because they knew members there.

When we reached out to nA for a statement they had this to say:

“We are thrilled to welcome the new players for COD4 and DOTA 2 coming through from TechMorph. We hope to provide these talented esports athletes the tools and environment to reach their potential. Moving forward these players will surely be ones to look out for.”

TechMorph had the following to say when we reached out for a statement:

“Player transfers have been happening for a long time in almost every clan, and TM has been like a training school in a certain way. lol. We respect their decisions whether they like to stay in the clan or move to another. We have a lot of loyal members who have been around through the good times and the bad, and we will continue to push forward.”