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Inshani “Inshi” Shalinga is a Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike Global Offensive player who has been actively participating in competitive gaming since 2017. She initially got into Esports by watching teams compete at SLT eSports 2017. She was quickly picked up by Maximum Esports early in 2018 and spent a year there. According to her, the lack of investment and focus from Max into multiplayer games was the motive for her move to TechMorph where she felt she could further her gaming career. Her decision was made easier when she found out that TechMorph had a female CoD4 team: Team Apostrophe. 

When asked about her perspective on the clan system as a female gamer Inshani had this to say :

“The clan system and the gaming environment is great and being around a male environment female players can learn a lot through their game-play.”


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