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Gamer.LK and the Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA) along with the Maldives Esports Association and E2S Gaming organised the first inter-country friendly PUBG Mobile event yesterday. 14 teams from Sri Lanka took part, representing member clans of SLESA. 11 teams from Maldives competed, after being chosen in a pre-qualifier hosted by E2S Gaming.

Three matches were played, and Maldives teams bested Sri Lanka in all three to take home the chicken dinner. Maldives also came out on top in the total points allocation, where points were given for kills as well as placement.

Game 1 placements:

  1. Carnage (Maldives)
  2. MAX Iron Cut (Sri Lanka)
  3. TM.Captains.SL (Sri Lanka)

Game 2 placements:

  1. OPM (Maldives)
  2. Hoara (Maldives)
  3. TM.Captains.SL (Sri Lanka)

Game 3 placements:

  1. OPM (Maldives)
  2. CHEMICALS (Maldives)
  3. PnX | FRag B (Sri Lanka)

Overall placements:

  1. OPM (Maldives)
  2. Carnage (Maldives)
  3. WG | DOD (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan teams:

  • DeP | Dire wolves
  • DeP | Schorchers
  • TM.Captains.SL
  • TM.Demons.SL
  • MAX phantoms ?
  • MAX Iron Cut
  • MAX bio hazard
  • PnX | FRag A
  • PnX | FRag B
  • WG DOD
  • WG Zeus
  • Evox Esports
  • WG b4d

Maldives teams:

  • Opaque
  • Death Squad Omega
  • Carnage
  • CZA
  • D7
  • Chodas
  • Hoara
  • •Detroit•
  • Halø
  • OPM

Speaking about the event, Raveen Wijayatilake of Gamer.LK re-iterated their support for emerging Esports titles and the need for Sri Lanka to build skills levels in order to be competitive in South Asia and beyond.

Stay tuned to Gamer.LK for more information on Sri Lankan Esports!

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