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PnX has announced that their star COD4 team and runners up at SLCG 2018, team iMex has parted ways with the clan. The news comes in the form of a Facebook post thanking team iMex for their contributions and wishing them the best in their future Esports endeavors.

If we had not joined PnX, we would probably not have made it to the end of the finals at SLCG – and for that, we will always be grateful. Through matches and tournaments to get there, we had an incredible year with Phoenix GaminG.
Even though we were with them for just a year, the clan was highly supportive of us. They kept us going with refreshments and cheers all the way till the end

Rumors were floating around that team iMex would depart PnX once their ex-teammate Thunder joined Maximum after SLCG.

We are very confident that we would have loved staying at PnX for the rest of our esports career. But we have made the decision to move because we want to make the very most out of esports journey, right now. We have sights set on another shot at the champion title for SLCG 2019. With the departure of Thunder, we were one player short and found it hard to replace him. The fact that him being our sole scoper and PnX lacking any other scopers made it harder for us to fill his shoes.

As for our future plans, we have thought long and hard about this and came to this conclusion. We made it to the SLCG finals with Thunder as a team and our synergy was perfect. Based on this, we have decided to join him in Maximum and unify our team once more ”

There you have it, folks. After disbanding for almost half a year, team iMex is back with their SLCG 2018 line-up.

Will they show us that they’re back on track together with their eyes set on #1?

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