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  • Video games identified as a key activity to keep youth populations at home
  • Gaming platforms are seeing record player numbers as gamers start social distancing
  • Gamer.LK announces the PLAY FROM HOME initiative to encourage Sri Lankan gamers to social distance and keep them informed of factual COVID-19 news
  • The initiative includes all-day gaming lobbies and live stream to keep gamers engaged
  • Stream connectivity provided by Sri Lanka Telecom
  • Initiative to expand to other games and more projects in the event of lockdown

How do you get millions of Sri Lankan’s to get on the social distancing band-wagon? The answer for the youth of the country is video games! It requires no physical contact, allows you to maintain social interaction remotely and provides endless entertainment thus allowing you to keep sane even in a lockdown situation. Gamer.LK, with the assistance of Sri Lanka Telecom have started the PLAY FROM HOME initiative, where Gamer.LK streamers will host and stream custom PUBG Mobile lobbies all-day everyday until the situation stabilises in the country. We plan on hosting more popular games such as Minecraft, COD Mobile, Free Fire and Call of Duty 4 which covers a significant percentage of gamers in Sri Lanka.

With Sri Lanka engaged in a battle against COVID-19, citizens have been asked to do their part in containing the spread of the virus. One of the most effective ways of curbing the spread is “social distancing”; i.e reducing contact with other persons. With most of the world staying home, game platforms have seen record numbers of players logged on and playing games in the last few weeks. It’s no different in Sri Lanka.

The Play From Home Initiative commences from the 18th March 10am onwards. Stay tuned to fb.com/gamerlk and youtube.com/gamerlk for the live streams.

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