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A familiar face in the DOTA2 community and long time member of Phoenix Gaming Dhanushka ‘HeLLa’ Batuwitaarachchi has joined n00b Alliance.

Hella has been playing Dota for approximately 8 years with most of his time being spent on Dota Allstars.

He joined PnX in 2015 to play the Funnet Tournament in 2015. As a member of Phoenix Gaming HeLLa has been part of a quite a number of prolific teams such as  ‘One Night Stand’(that won Kings of LAN DOTA2 2016), Weapons of Destruction and SyFy.RiSinG. In 2018 he was appointed as the Dota2 Wing Leader for PnX.
However for quite some time there have been unsubstantiated rumors that HeLLa was uncertain about his future at Phoenix. At the recent rendition of KoL DOTA2 HeLLa played as a stand in for nA|Infinity. This is a common occurrence in the community where players from an outside clan plays as a stand in due to conflicts between clans, but this only fuelled the rumors.

Naturally we got in contact with Dhanushka to get his side of the story and asked him what motivated his sudden move.

He had this to say:

Truth be told I wanted to join nA from a long time ago but  at that time nA community was pretty small and they didn’t recruit much and since my all time favorite and one of my best friends ‘The Kade.Munky’ used to play for PnX I figured why don’t I too. I don’t have much time left in the competitive scene and now I have been selected to a team in which I am really happy (nA|Infinity Gaming ) so therefore I can’t always play as standin. The team has synced up really fast and the team is like family , I have no choice but to join them. I want to thank everyone at Phoenix for giving me exposure that I got over the last 8 years. It hasn’t always been a fun ride but I’m thankful for everything that happened. I am excited about my future at n00b Alliance and hopefully I can reach my full potential with them

We reached out to PnX to get their take on this move and this is what they had to say:

Hella has been a hardworking wing leader for DOTA at PnX. He was great at managing the existing teams and creating new teams. However as a player to move up his career in DOTA, he couldn’t find the right team in PnX to fit in because most of the time the other players around him weren’t upto his skill level and Indomitus already had their squad full leaving no space for Hella. However Hella was quite successful with Team SyFy until when some of the SyFy members had to retire and again Hella was left alone. So most of the time Hella ended up playing for teams in other clans as a Standin. I guess he played more with nA teams than PnX teams and we never stopped him from doing so since we wanted him to grow his career and we didnt want clan rivalry to be an obstacle for it. So we guess that the decision what Hella took is the best that he could do for himself and we aren’t against it. We may have lost a good wing leader but its not fair by us to stop him from being a better player. We wish him all the best in the future and hope he returns back someday when everything in pnx is set and ready for him to play under our banner again. We regard this transfer as a loan out to nA.

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