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Gamer.LK, the trailblazing force in Sri Lanka’s Esports landscape, is proud to announce its triumphant recognition as a certified Great Place to Work for the second consecutive year. This distinction, awarded by the esteemed global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work (GPTW), solidifies Gamer.LK’s position as a true leader in fostering an exceptional workplace environment within the realm of Esports. This achievement marks another milestone in Gamer.LK’s journey towards shaping South Asia’s Esports landscape through its global brand, InGame Esports.

GPTW’s rigorous evaluation delves deep into a company’s ethos, management practices, and employee perspectives. After careful analysis, companies are scored on their ‘Trust Index’ to determine their eligibility for this prestigious title. Gamer.LK’s remarkable workplace culture, underpinned by a shared passion for Esports and gaming culture, continues to shine through, resulting in Gamer.LK being awarded the certification.

Reflecting on this achievement, Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of Gamer.LK and InGame Esports, emphasized, “Our journey to secure the Great Place to Work certification for the second year reflects the embodiment of our exceptional work culture. At InGame Esports & Gamer.LK, we have crafted an environment that seamlessly merges our passion for gaming with our commitment to excellence. This recognition reinforces our dedication to maintaining an environment where our team members thrive and collaborate, fostering innovation and camaraderie.”

Since its inception, Gamer.LK has experienced meteoric growth as a vital ecosystem builder in the Esports domain. In just a short span, the organization has expanded fourfold, now boasting a team of 27 dedicated professionals. This progress can be attributed to Gamer.LK’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that resonates with the distinctive mindset of gamers, allowing employees to thrive while working remotely.

The bedrock of Gamer.LK’s success lies in its commitment to trust and accountability. Driven by an enthusiastic team of experts, the organization has orchestrated some of South Asia’s most renowned gaming tournaments and events, revolutionizing how brands engage with the younger demographic through gaming-oriented content. The convergence of passion and profession, buoyed by a supportive team ethos, is what has catapulted Gamer.LK into the realm of Great Places to Work.

Great Place to Work, an institution originating in the USA, continues its mission to elevate workplaces across the globe into exceptional environments. As the foremost evaluator of high-trust and high-performance workplace cultures, GPTW serves as a consultant for Fortune magazine’s prestigious ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list.

Gamer.LK’s ongoing success story as a certified Great Place to Work for the second year underscores its unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving and fulfilling work environment. With a steadfast commitment to its workforce and an unyielding passion for Esports, Gamer.LK sets the gold standard for workplace excellence in Esports, reshaping the contours of the Esports landscape one achievement at a time.

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