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From our humble beginnings, Gamer.LK has truly risen to see improvements in performances on-stage, online, and everywhere! 

Our on-stage growth increased at a sky-rocketing rate parallelly with our social media and online platforms gaining massive momentum. Comparing our statistics from 2018 & 2019, we are able to see the growth of an incredible 429%! The increase in viewership was due to higher quality, engaging streams. The addition of sponsored content and live tournaments kept us in the hot seat of being broadcasted all year long. 

In 2018, Gamer.LK had a total of 321.9K views while in 2019 we were able to get up to 1.7 Million views in total! As per our statistics, 2020 is looking at a whopping 2.8 Million views so far and we all know that is just the start! 

In 2020 February, Gamer.LK hosted Sri Lanka’s biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament which was broadcasted live through Sri Lanka’s only dedicated Esports Channel GLKtv, which without a surprise had the highest viewership throughout the whole event.

The growth and popularity of GLKtv is increasing every day. We at Gamer.LK is looking forward to bringing in more experiences, and live broadcasts in the future. 429% is a large number to beat, but Gamer.LK is hungry alongside its members to keep gaming and see where this number will go which is onwards and upwards. 

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