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Gamer.LK’s R&D arm is proud to announce a brand new set of games technologies and accompanying leagues that Sri Lankan gamers islandwide will be able to take part in while the power is out. With new investment and industry leadership, Gamer.LK has been able to fund research into these new products and plan to build communities and tournaments around them.

The new games feature Artificial Intelligence powered by human thought, combined with potential and kinetic energy conversion in order to generate movement in objects in a state of play. Similar to Esports that Gamer.LK has worked with in the past, these new games also cater to 1v1 as well as team-based engagements. With Esports being a test of mental prowess and strategic thinking, the new games are also deeply set in the players mind and shies away from physical ability. In order to maintain familiar themes, the new games follow narratives similar to that of current Esports – violence, destruction and simulated physical engagement.

Today, Gamer.LK is proud to announce the competitive leagues being organised for these games:

The Tak Tik Tuk International
This game involves a complex matrix of spaces and possibilities and is Gamer.LK’s first foray into stateless design architecture. The tournament will feature 1v1 battles where a winner is chosen by the most number of geometric shapes matched in a row. The tournament winners walk away with over USD 25,000,000 worth of pride and self satisfaction.

Gamer.LK Clans Buruwa Challenge
The Buruwa game is based on hard-paper™ technology out of which hundreds of game-items are manufactured and distributed to players. Each item contains a pattern which will be scanned by the player by looking at it and understanding what it is. This league is open to all Sri Lankan clans and is expected to get over 9000 registrations. Sri Lanka’s 9 official clans are expected to take part, with members of Phoenix Gaming and Maximum Esports currently being favorites to being the Champion Buruwa.

Battle of the Batta Paneema
Held online, the Battle of the Batta Paneema involves athletes creating a Batta arena where they will position themselves in the desired area by pressing jump and forward IRL at the same time. Once positioning is locked in, athletes will report their position to the Batta master who will then hand over the turn to the next athlete. The Battle of the Batta Paneema will be played in a double elimination knockout format, and a national Batta ranking will be released after the tournament to crown the biggest Batta.

Gamer.LK is currently in talks with the Sri Lanka Esports Association to have these tournaments recognised as ranked events, and will soon commence discussion with the National Olympic Committee to lobby for their support. Gamer.LK is currently working with their team of lawyers to protect the trademark and copyrights of these events.

Stay tuned to Gamer.LK as we bring you the intense, nail biting, square jumping action with daily streams casted by the best of Sri Lanka’s shoutcasting talent!

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