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Mobitel Xstation Football Championship, which was organized by Mobitel in partnership with Gamer.LK, kicked off on Sunday the 15th of July with well over 380 registered participants ready to showcase their skills and a chance to win it all. This tournament followed on the heels of  the previous Mobitel Xstation Esports league, which was held in March, that highlighted a lot of great talents and definitely took it one notch higher when it came to the commitment and efforts put in by Mobitel towards the promotion of Esports in the country.

Proceedings kicked off at around 11:30 a.m where contestants were broken into 6 qualifying brackets, with the winners of each moving onto the final bracket, where they would fight it out to claim the grand prize. Xstation was abuzz with the number of contestants who had kicked into gear and were ready to take on the challenge. The reigning champion, Dishan Nithrananthan was also ready to defend his title, but seemed to be recovering from an injury to his arm.

After an early start with some amazing FIFA action, we finally came around to the final qualifier where 24 contestants went head to head against some of the best FIFA talent Sri Lanka has to offer which sparked up new rivalries and reignited old ones. Some of the major highlights from the final qualifier were the matches between PnX..Sharpshooter and PnX.Faz during the quarter final. Two talented clan mates who have faced each other many times before, with Sharpshooter coming out ahead in most of the matches but this time, to everyone’s surprise PnX.Faz overwhelmed Sharpshooter with some of his bold and unerring passes, creating a lot of opportunities that a player of his calibre quickly capitalized on. The second half saw a revival of Sharpshooter, scoring twice in quick succession, but it was not enough as Faz closed out the quarters with a triumphant 3-2.

The most exciting match of the day was however the finals. Coming down to the wire we saw PnX.Dishi the reigning champion going up against nA.Sultan, who had already displayed some marvelous skill and patience in his semi final game against clan mate and rival nA.VeNoM. Riding a wave of momentum, nA.Sultan burst out of the gate, scoring first, PnX.Dishi hot on his heels, scoring his first goal right after, but that did not deter Sultan as he scored once again to take the lead and after a short passage of time Dishi equalized once again. Moving into the second half the room was filled with tension and excitement until Dishi sealed the deal, scoring another goal during the halfway mark of the second half and maintained possession of the ball extremely well, not providing Sultan a chance to mount up an offence or even enter his penalty box, sealing the deal and taking the title once again.

The day was filled with a lot of excitement and competition with every participant giving it their best and showcasing the tier of talent that the FIFA 18 scene in Sri Lanka had to offer. X station having a very comfortable setting, giving you that ambience of gaming from home which was definitely a positive as players could concentrate on the matches at hand and give it their all until the final whistlle was blown.