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10th Esports World Championship Entry Finalized

10th Esports World Championship Entry Finalized

 42 Nations, 427 National Delegation & Athletes
 Hosted in Kaohsiung Arena, Kaohsiung city


With only 37 days left on the calendar to IESF’s 10 th Esports World Championship, the International
Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces the “Final Entry” for such Esports World Championship.
A Total of 42 countries and 427 participants making up the various National Delegations will gather
at Kaohsiung city to compete in the 3 official titles, being; League of Legends(LOL), Counter Strike :
Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Tekken 7.
IESF’s 10 th Esports World Championship 2018 will be held from 6 th to 13 th in November 2018. The
group drawing ceremony will be conducted on November 8 th where each team captain will participate
in the draw in which the groups will be determined.
As the largest international esports tournament where athletes represent participating nations, IESF’s
10 th Esports World Championships, with great support from Kaohsiung City and CTESA (Chinese

Taipei Esports Association) is confident and ready to host all esports athletes from around the world
in the most spectacular event to date.
IESF’s Esports World Championship is hosted annually through the official “Host City Bidding
Process” where the bid documents are distributed to all cities willing to host the event.
Official matches will be held from 9 th to 11 th in November and more information of the can be found
on the official website:
2018 Esports World Championships: www.2018iesf-wc.com.tw/en .
IESF Official Website: www.ie-sf.org

IESF launches Global Esports R&D Centre for Further Esports Development

IESF launches Global Esports R&D Centre for Further Esports Development

  • 5 years Development plan for Global Esports R&D Centre
  • Three Pillars of R&D Center: Esports Academic Research Center,
    International Training Center, International Referee Academy.

International Esports Federation (IESF), the world’s largest national federation member based
federation, will be launching the ‘Global Esports R&D Center’ in 2018. The vision of this new, and
exciting, initiative is to further strengthen the esports ecosystem and ensure suitable development of
the industry. With the support of Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Information Promotion Agency,
the R&D center will focus on three pillars for the next 5 years of development.
The three pillars are: ‘Esports Academic Research Center’, ‘International Training Center’, and
‘International Referee Academy’.
The ‘Esports Academic Research Center’ will focus supporting and encouraging esports related
research, in order for esports to increase its academic foundation for further growth in the future. In
2018, the ‘Esports Academic Research Center’ will be supporting researchers around the globe to
encourage esports research. IESF will also be focusing on developing an archive platform, to gather
and share all esports related research for the public to access around the globe.

The ‘International Training Center’ is planned serve the purpose of training camps and boot camps for
both esports teams and officials. Athletes and teams will be able to ‘scrim’ against different esports
teams and coaches. Managers will also be able to access all esports training related resources
conducted from the Esports Academic Research Center. The Training center is to be equipped with a
demo esports zone, as well as multimedia technical rooms for strategy meetings. Moreover, it will
also function as a location to conduct professional team drafts to serve as a path for athletes to enter
into the professional world. During non-activating periods, the training center will be open towards
the public to encourage the regional community to practice and enjoy esports.

The ‘International Referee Academy’ will aim to standardize and develop intensive curricula to train
and certify international referees. IESF will be developing curricula together with the support of the
Referee Commission of IESF and Game publishers to ensure that the curriculum meets the highest
standards. The Certification process will start in 2019, and international referees will be dispatched to
a-matches between National Federations, qualifiers, and World Championships of IESF and its
In accordance with the rapid development of esports, IESF believes that it is crucial to build solid
Esports structures through such pillars – referees, athletes, and academically active research field.
IESF will also continue to pursue its initiatives to support the esports industry through increased
discussions with relative stakeholders at the Global Esports Executive Summit this year in November.

For more information on the GEES,Click here

Prize Money Announcement IESF Esports World Championships 2018

Prize Money Announcement IESF Esports World Championships 2018

  • IESF to Support National Federations for Sustainable Esports Development
  • Total Prize Pool is 54,000$ (USD)

With only seventy-seven (77) days left until the opening ceremony, the entry will soon be closing for
the 10th Esports World Championship Kaohsiung 2018. The date upon which such entries close is 31
August 2018.
Committed to ensuring sustainable growth in esports, the International Esports Federation( IESF) has
a policy of supporting its member federations. To such end, IESF will be supporting national
federation’s athlete flights for 23 nations for team titles, and 32 nations for individual titles in
accordance to the Entry Regulations.
Upon closing the entry, each NF will be evaluated according to IESF’s ‘Entry Regulation’ for the 10 th
Esports World Championships (Kaohsiung City) this year. Through the evaluation process, NFs may
qualify for flight support according to the final standings earned through compliance after the
evaluations have been finalized.

IESF’s 10 th Esports World Championships – Kaohsiung City shall have a total prize pool of

54,000USD which shall be allocated to all three disciplines of the event at such World
10,000 USD of the total prize pool shall be awarded to the Overall Champion Nation after all results
have been captured and the overall winning nation has been determined.

IESF’s 10 th Esports World Championships – Kaohsiung City is to feature three game titles; League of
Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Tekken 7. Such world championships is also
expected to be the largest event in IESF history, and is expected to have 42 nations participating from
every continent to make such event a truly global affair.
For more information, click here.

Gamer.LK Partners with Disrupt Asia – Initiative by ICTA

Gamer.LK Partners with Disrupt Asia – Initiative by ICTA

Sri Lankan start-ups can learn from the best on entrepreneurship, business and technology

24th July 2018: Colombo – Sri Lanka: Disrupt Asia 2018, Sri Lanka’s Premier Start-up Conference and Innovation Festival, was officially announced today. This year’s event is the 3rd edition of this ground-breaking event and is set to take place from 4pm to midnight on 11th August 2018 at the Trace – Expert City.

Organized by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA), Disrupt Asia 2018 is supported by the Ministry of Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment, International Partner – IKT Norge, Knowledge Partner – PWC, Supporting Partners – GIZ Sri Lanka and Trace-Expert City, Payments Partner – PayHere, Volunteer Partner – GudPpl, Eco System Partner – SLASSCOM, Makerspace Partner – Igniter Space, YouTube Partner – IdeaHell, Social Innovation Partner – UNDP Sri Lanka, Hosting Partners – Calcey Technologies, Orel Corporation, WSO2 and CodeGen and Creative Pavilion Partner – Gamer.LK.

Disrupt Asia 2018 is the progression of an increased effort by the ICTA to broaden the start-up landscape of the country and inspire the next wave of growth. Each and every aspect of Disrupt Asia 2018 has been carefully thought out to drive innovation and inspire the entrepreneurial mindset of all participants.

The conference will discuss the need for policy and strategy. Entrepreneurs sharing their successes and failures will provide inspiration to take the plunge. Experts from Sri Lanka, USA, Netherlands, UK and India will share their knowledge on AI, digital marketing, security and set the stage for disruptive thinking around STEAM education, creative industries and social entrepreneurship. Disrupt Asia will also address the need to build a second tier of angel investors through the unique Investor Forum.

Prof. Rohan Samarajiva – Chairman of ICTA opined, “As a result of the Academic Workshop on Entrepreneurship at Disrupt Asia last year, ICTA initiated the Educate to Innovate workshops for school teachers and ImagineIF startup boot camps for undergraduates to influence and inculcate entrepreneurial attitudes. This year, with the addition of the Innovation Festival, we are bringing in a whole new dimension to the event as we look to promote creativity in all its forms to ignite a different breed of entrepreneurs. We look forward to an exciting, informative event that will help all participants to re-imagine the possibilities of tomorrow.”

The Innovation Festival at Disrupt Asia 2018 is an entrance free opportunity which will showcase many technology innovations from Sri Lanka and also include works of art and digital activations that the public can experience and interact with. In addition, the Disrupt Asia Start-up Expo will be where technology start-ups will be presented with the opportunity to showcase their products to the attendees of the conference and visitors of the Innovation Festival.

The Investor Forum will be exclusively for professionals who wish to invest in technology start-ups. Participants will get valuable insights courtesy of an introduction to the start-up ecosystem in Sri Lanka, a knowledge sharing session conducted by experienced angel investors and a panel discussion on legal procedures applicable to start-up financing. Last year’s Investor Forum resulted in ICTA forming a special group – Disrupt Asia ecosystem builder’s forum – consisting of the major stakeholders. The knowledge forum acts as a decision maker towards building a stronger start-up ecosystem.

The Conference of Disrupt Asia 2018 will consist of 4 main sections – Main Stage, Stage Two, Investor Forum and Workshops – that will take place in parallel. The Disrupt Asia 2018 Start-up Battle, a competition where entrepreneurs will pitch their start-up and the top 3 selected in the preliminary rounds will pitch at the Grand Finale of the Disrupt Asia Start-up Battle on the Main Stage. The winners of the Disrupt Asia 2018 Start-up Battle will receive cash prizes and the chance to participate in the Oslo Innovation Week 2018 in September. Applications for the Startup Battle are now open at www.disruptasia.today/startupbattle while tickets for the Conference can be purchased online via https://disruptasia.today/buytickets/.

Germany Becomes Member of International Esports Federation

Germany Becomes Member of International Esports Federation

⦁ ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V.) to lead esports movement in Germany

⦁ 48th member of International Esports Federation

ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V.) has now been accepted as the new member of International Esports Federation (IESF), joining in the international Esports movement as a national federation of Germany.

Becoming the 18th European member at IESF, the German Esports Federation (ESBD) was founded in November 2017 in Frankfurt (Main). It unites 27 organizations such as pro teams, amateur clubs and event organizers and represents organized esports in Germany.
“We are delighted to be part of international esports represented in the IESF” said Mr Hans Jagnow, President of ESBD. “In light of common challenges of the international esports community, for example the Olympic debate, we value the opportunity to find ourselves side to side with esports representatives from all over the world,”

Jan Pommer, Vice-President of International Affairs, also commented “Esports is developing rapidly on a global level. Esports federations will play an important role in the future structural developments of this ecosystem. This is why we are pleased to align with IESF in this respect.”

Esports in Europe shows different characteristics depending on the cultures and nations in the world. IESF looks forward to work in collaboration with ESBD, to further develop the esports scene in Germany and also support the global esports movement to for esports recognition as an official sport.