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The Momentum Youth Expo is an educational fair organised by S.Thomas’ College Old Boys Association with the intention of assisting youth which presented the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ the opportunity to organise an Esports tournament at a school level and showcase their passion for Esports. With Gamer.LK’s school Esports initiatives over the past 4 years, school participation in Esports has seen immense growth. Last year’s Inter-School Esports Championship had over 100 schools taking part – making it Sri Lanka’s largest school-level sporting event.

The Esports tournament “Havoc” which was organised by the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College during the Momentum Youth Expo concluded on the 24th of February 2019. The tournament revolved around League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA19 with a prize pool for each title. With 50 registered contestants ready to take on the odds and display their skills for a chance to claim the prize that was up for grabs.

Proceedings kicked off at around 12.00 p.m commencing the games off with a Call of Duty match alongside a League of Legends match which quickly built engagement as the crowd started gathering around the area to figure out where all the screaming was coming from. Immediately keeping with the action, the FIFA19 qualifier kicked off.

With some known teams showing up and some new faces joining in on the action as well, the day saw some ups and downs in terms of performance. Finding new talents who never knew how good they were at gaming finally getting the chance to showcase their prowess in their respective games.

The Havoc Esports event concluded around 5 30 p.m with teams displaying energy and a strong drive which made the event to be quite the exciting one as the final games were closed out. As Esports moves forward seeing even school clubs embracing as well as organising Esports tournaments, showcases strong evidence of how far Esports has come over the years, rapidly becoming a recognised sport in Sri Lanka.

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