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Gamer.LK organised this year’s Inter-University Esports event back in April. We were informed about a team who registered with suspicious credentials and upon further investigation with the support and confirmation of the  Institute in question, it was found that only one player from the team that registered and played were from the said Institute.

Forging of documents constitutes fraud and is a criminal offense. Misrepresentation of oneself using fraudulent documents to Gamer.LK Officials is a grave offence that merits severe penalties.

As such, the following players have been banned for the period of two years effective immediately:

  • Abilash Rajkumar (Krazy)
  • Anthony Nirushan (WHITY)
  • Javahar (Enzo)
  • Mohamed Shoaib Alavi (Muchfrag)
  • Saleem Hussain (SpikeOne)
  • Vibuda Dezoysa (Chromnz)

The following player has been banned for a period of one year effective immediately:

  • Mohamed Ali Hussain (Jiren)

These bans extend to all tournaments organised by Gamer.LK and any Gamer.LK Ranked tournaments, not limited to a single game.

The awards and places this team received at each tournament from the date of offence will also be stripped and the next immediate teams in each tournament will be recognized in their place. As such, the following places and tournaments will be removed from this team:

  • Inter-University Esports – Champions (Special Force 2)
  • Inter-University Esports – Runners-up (Counter Strike Global Offensive)
  • GCCL Season 11 – Runners-up
  • Kings of LAN Special Force 2 & Single Player – Champions (Special Force 2)

In addition, Saleem Hussain (Talle) has been permanently removed as a Gamer.LK Staff member.

Furthermore, during the recently concluded Mercantile Esports Championship in July, we were once again informed of individuals who were attempting to register players in a suspicious manner. While these players were restricted from taking part in the event itself, the following players are hereby issued a stern warning against their actions.

  • Bositha Kavishan Fernando
  • Eranda Sampath
  • Hashan Kavinda Nedummulla
  • Hilal Jismy
  • Konara Aachintha
  • Kosala Rajakaruna
  • Malith Dissanayake
  • Milinda Madusagara
  • Nishal Ranweerasinghe
  • Pawan Madushan
  • Seyed Sajid Moulana
  • Shalitha Chandraratne
  • Shivanka Dilshan
  • Rizlan
  • Vishwa Madusagara
  • WDB Nayanajith

We will be strictly enforcing our registration restrictions at the three majors: Inter-University, Mercantile and Schools in the future. We aim to take Esports to newer audiences through these events and such acts work against our efforts. We appreciate the support of the community in assisting where necessary by reporting such instances so that we are able to uphold a fair playing field. 

1st Dec 2018 note: It was erroneously stated that points for the teams would be removed from tournaments from the start of the ranking year. This was corrected to reflect the actual state which is points being removed from the date of offence onwards.

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