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Registrations open for Samsung Members August edition

The Samsung Members Challenge Series Season 1 consists of 3 monthly tournaments – July, August and September. The August monthlies are now open for registration for the following titles:
– Fortnite (Solos)
– Free Fire (Solos)
– Clash Royale
– Call of Duty Mobile (Solos)
– Call of Duty 4 (Free For All)

The tournaments are open to Samsung Members. Become a Samsung Member here: https://gamer.lk/go/samsungaccnt.

Register now:
– Fortnite (Solos) : https://ingame.asia/tournament/fortnite-solos-august-20
– Free Fire (Solos) : https://ingame.asia/tournament/free-fire-solos-august20
– Clash Royale : https://ingame.asia/tournament/clash-royale-august20
– Call of Duty Mobile (Solos) : https://ingame.asia/tournament/call-of-duty-mobile-solos-august-20
– Call of Duty 4 (Free For All) : https://ingame.asia/tournament/call-of-duty-4-free-for-all-august-20


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