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  • Logitech G Play to Win Valorant returns for Season 3, starting 20th May.
  • Record number of 91 teams have registered for the tournament, 20 more than previous season
  • There’s a new twist this season with 2 divisions (Division A & B)
  • Division A will consist of a Rs. 100,000 prize pool, while Division B will be Rs. 30,000
  • Division A will be a fight between top 4 Valorant teams and winner of Division B

Last week (14th May), the registrations for the Logitech G Play to Win Season 3 Valorant tournament were closed, and a record breaking 91 teams have registered for the current season. The series is set to start on the 20th of May and involves a new twist, where there will be 2 divisions (Division A & Division B).

Division B will consist of the majority of registered teams who will be battling it out for a part of the Rs. 30,000 prize pool and the chance to compete in Division A. Whereas, Division A will consist of the top 4 Valorant teams in the country plus the winner of Division B, fighting it out for a piece of the Rs. 100,000 prize pool. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will be played online and all subsequent matches will be livestreamed.

So be sure to stay tuned to Gamer.LK social media to catch the action live and to stay updated about the tournament as it begins on the 20th of May.

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