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  • 2 of the biggest names in Sri Lankan DOTA 2 were asked to captain for the Face-Off
  • Team Paradoxx was captained by Mirsab ‘Paradoxx’ Hassan
  • Team AB was captained by Shenal ‘AB’ Daniel
  • Team Paradoxx beat team AB, 2 – 0 to win the Dell Gaming Academy DOTA 2 Face-Off

The Dell Gaming Academy Face-Off brought together some of the biggest names in Sri Lankan Esports in order to face them off against each other in friendly competition. The event consisted of 3 main titles; Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and DOTA 2. For this event 2 team captains were picked and tasked with building their own roster for the Face-Off. The DOTA 2 Face-Off captains were Mirsab ‘Paradoxx’ Hassan and Shenal ‘AB’ Daniel.


DOTA 2 Face-Off Team Rosters:

Team Paradoxx
– Mirsab ‘Paradoxx’ Hassan
– Viren ‘Hawkey’ Dias
– Tiron ‘Mitsuki’ Asirwatham
– Shariff ‘Sage Meister’ Ghanem
– Shauban ’24’ Rusdhi

Team AB
– Shenal ‘AB’ Daniel
– Muksith ‘TenSa Zengetsu’ Ajwath
– Heshan ‘666’ Sanjaya
– Deloshaan ‘Delo’ Logeswaran
– Siva ‘Prince’ Aarathanan


During match 1 of the Bo3, team AB was able to get a slight advantage in the early game, but it was taken back by team Paradoxx soon after. However, a failed gank by team Paradoxx and successful counter attack from team AB, set the game with equal chances for both teams to win. But only team Paradoxx was able to make it work, especially with their powerful Medusa, played by Mitsuki and managed to win the 1st match.

The 2nd game of the Bo3 took a different turn, as team Paradoxx steamrolled their way to victory. Throughout the entire match they had the upper hand, not allowing team AB the chance to make a comeback. And they rode that advantage all the way to the end, eventually winning the 2nd game and ultimately the entire Dell Gaming Academy DOTA 2 Face-Off event.


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