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  • PMCO group stages concluded last week (August 22nd)
  • Wolfgang NRC Esports place 6th during group stages, with 112 overall points
  • PMCO Fall Split ‘21 South Asia Wildcard Grand Finals begin next week
  • Winner of PMCO grand finals to move on to the PMPL Season 4

PUBG Mobile Club Open a.k.a PMCO is one of the biggest PUBG Mobile events in the APAC region. It is ‘the’ go-to tournament for every Pro PUBGM player in the region to show off their skills on the big stage. 1,000s of players from the region take part in the tournament, mainly to progress further and secure a spot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). And from Sri Lanka, a handful of teams were invited for the event.

Group stage matches were conducted throughout the week and only one team representing Sri Lanka managed to crawl their way to the top of the boards – Wolfgang NRC Esports. They had a rough start in the early stages, being bottom of the first group stage matches. However, they made an insane comeback as the tournament progressed, stomping on every single opponent they faced throughout the bracket. This allowed them to make it to the top of the leaderboards, where they managed to secure 6th place at the end of the group stages – with 2 chicken dinners, 38 kills, and 112 overall points to their name. With the 6th place finish they secured a spot to play in the Grand Finals of PMCO Spring Split 2021 which will take place next week.

During last year’s PMCO event NRC Esports managed to secure 4th place at the Grand Finals – missing last year’s PMPL by 2 crucial points. This year the competition is tougher, with only the 1st place finish getting the chance to play at PMPL. However, with the performances this team has put out throughout the group stages, they certainly stand a chance in the Grand Finals event.

The players of NRC Esports have put up an amazing fight going against some of the best, while putting the Lankan pride back on the map for the PUBG Mobile scene. There is also no doubt that their victories have made many Sri Lankans in the PUBGM scene proud. They have also shown that they’re a true force to reckon with, due to their back to back performances during both this and last year’s PMCO events. NRC Esports have truly showcased their skill, proving once again that Wolfgang NRC Esports is one of the best teams in Sri Lanka to step into the PUBG Mobile Esports world and the best chance for a Sri Lankan team to take part in the PMPL!

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