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Following the end of the eFootball Championship 2021, which was the most recent ranked tournament for FIFA, the top 10 FIFA players in Sri Lanka were ranked. The rankings are based on the performances of each individual at ranked tournaments which follow the national Esports ranking by the Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA).


The current Top 10 FIFA Players in Sri Lanka are as follows
  1. nA SID (Sachin Dematapitiya)
  2. MAX Flashbullet (Kushan Senanayake)
  3. PnX Hafraaz07
  4. PnX Dumin (Dumin Vithanagamage)
  6. Elesh (Elesh Umagiliya)
  7. MAX Heatzer (Promodh Fernando)
  8. PnX Rezby (Rehan Fernando)
  9. MAX Althaf
  10. MAX Hari

During the last ranked tournament, SID put up a dominating performance even putting up a 2-0 scoreline during the finals, which cemented him as the tournament and also the #1 ranked FIFA player in the country. Flashbullet and Dumin also put up impressive performances allowing them to be ranked #2 and #4.

The next ranked FIFA tournament will be the Dell Singer Online Esports Showdown 2021, so be sure to register and participate if you think you have what it takes to challenge the Sri Lankan champions of FIFA.

Be sure to stay tuned to Gamer.LK’s website and social media for future FIFA tournaments and updates regarding Sri Lanka’s FIFA rankings.

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