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  • Sara Kollo place 1st at the DOTA 2 Predator Challenge Series by mCENTRE
  • At the grand finals, Sara Kollo win 2 – 0
  • 1st and 2nd runners up – M-eS Death Sentence and Jil Jung Juk

On Saturday night (April 10th) Sara Kollo were crowned champions at the DOTA 2 Predator Challenge Series by mCENTRE after 2 – 0 M-eS Death Sentence in the grand finals. Giving 2nd place to M-eS Death Sentence and 3rd place to Jil Jung Juk, after their 3rd place match against Royal Patriots.

Both grand finalists throughout the entire series put forth impressive games, even in the semifinals where they 2 – 0 their respective opponents. However, only 1 of those teams managed to keep that streak till the very end. During both map 1 and 2 of the finals both competitors put up a good fight. Although, Sara Kollo’s aggressive strategies and early game advantages is what gave them the extra edge needed to outdo M-eS Death Sentence. Which in the end gave Sara Kollo’s their well deserved victory.


Sara Kollo Roster

  • Mirsab “Paradoxx” Hassan
  • Shauban “24” Rusdhi
  • Viren “Hawkie” Dias
  • Shariff “[SAGE] Meister” Ghanem
  • Heshan “666” Sanjaya
  • Pulasthi “SeeKer” Withana


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