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  • The Next Dell Streamer – looking for the next big name in Sri Lankan streaming
  • Over 100+ applicants registered for the Next Dell Streamer event
  • Top 8 selected by judges Hashano from T-Hik Gaming and Lihini for Lilee Gaming
  • SachiyaLIVE crowned the Next Dell Streamer for Sri Lanka with over 4,000 votes

The Next Dell Streamer campaign by the Dell Gaming Academy of Sri Lanka, was an opportunity given by the group to promote and locate the next big name in Sri Lankan streaming. The event was open to all up and coming streamers who wanted a chance to showcase their skills and talent to the public.

Of the 100+ applicants for the Next Dell Streamer, only 16 were chosen to move on to the audition stage. Here, the judges for the event would rate the audition video submission by the applicants, and the 8 contestants with the highest score would move on to the next round. The judges for the Next Dell Streamer event were the Avurudu Kumara and Kumariya from the Streamer Kumara and Kumariya event back in April of this month: Hashano from T-Hik Gaming and Lihini from Lilee Gaming.

The 8 contestants who made it through to the next round were: Noobie Wishy, Gaming Master SL, Ceylon Valorant, SachiyaLIVE, DARKFLASH, Craxked, Mr President and FantasyLK. From here on, the applicants faced off against each other in a 1v1 streamer battle, where the winner would be determined by community votes. After the intense quarter and semi finals, the 2 finalists were decided – SachiyaLIVE and Mr President. The 2 contestants gave it their all for a chance to become the Next Dell Streamer during the grand finals. However, in the end SachiyaLIVE came out on top with 4,000+ votes to his name, making him the Next Dell Streamer.

The Dell Gaming Academy is a Facebook group created by Dell Gaming Sri Lanka, with the goal of being an exclusive online community for all gamers in Sri Lanka. The group focuses on content revolving around Sri Lankan streamers and gaming in general, and currently consists of over 15,000 members.

Join the official Dell Gaming Academy Facebook group now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/234677474571426/


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