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  • Metropolitan hosts the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational – PUBG Mobile tournament
  • Top 16 PUBG Mobile squads invited to participate in the event
  • WG – NRC Esports crowned champions at the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational
  • Runners up of the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational go to nA – ISSL
  • Winners and runners up receive Rs. 140,000 in gifts and prizes from Metropolitan Mcentre and SLT Mobitel

On the 7th of August, the top PUBG Mobile squads in the country faced off against each other at the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational. And gave everyone watching an opportunity to witness some intense PUBG Mobile unfold. The teams invited for the Invitational included the 16 top ranked, active PUBG Mobile squads in Sri Lanka. The teams faced off in a best of 6 to determine the winners and runners up, who were awarded Rs. 140,000 in gifts and prizes from Metropolitan Mcentre and SLT Mobitel.

Of the 16 squads participating, WG – NRC Esports, the #3 best PUBG Mobile squad in Sri Lanka were crowned the champions of the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational. NRC Esports put on an impressive showcase of their skills, managing 2 victories back to back in the best of 6. They also received the most placement points, with 57 points, due to their ability to stay in the top 5 continuously, except in match 2 where they placed 7th. NRC Esports also acquired the most number of kills throughout the event with 56 kills – 22 more than the runners up, nA – ISSL.


Teams invited for the Metropolitan Mcentre Invitational:
  • nA – ISSL
  • nA – Team Xtreme Club
  • WG – NRC Esports
  • nA – FRag Code-blacks
  • nA – FRag
  • M-eS – B2R
  • WG – NRC Infinity Club
  • nA – ERBIV
  • WG – WG 24 K GOLD
  • WG – One Man Army
  • nA – ISSL Immortal’s
  • WG – One Man Army Death Squad
  • uG – ZEUS
  • M-eS – Team Maximum


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