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  • M-eS Team IWNL win the Logitech G Play to Win Apex Legends Season 2 Tournament
  • M-eS Team IWNL win with a staggering 23 total point lead
  • Team Synchronic and Third Impact were 1st and 2nd runners up

On the 8th of May the 2nd season of the Logitech G Play to Win Apex Legends tournament concluded, after 4 group stages and 75 teams fighting for the number one spot. However, only one team was able to take home the title of Champion, and that was M-eS Team IWNL. They put up an astonishing 48 kills and 93 total points by the end of all 5 matches at the Grand Finals. In 2nd place was Synchronic who had 70 total points and Third Impact with 49 total points.

During the grand finals M-eS Team IWNL were at the top of their game, with top 10 placements throughout all 5 matches, and even 1st place finishes during match 1 & 2. They also boasted many kills throughout the finals which allowed them to keep their number 1 spot all the way till end. The first runner up, Synchronic on the other hand, had a bit of a rough start, placing as low as 10th by the end of the 2nd match. However, they were able to bring it back with a 2nd place finish during match 4 and even winning the final match. Although this was not enough to beat M-eS Team IWNL, who had not only gained a lot of their points through kills, but through placement points as well. Thanks to quick thinking players on their team, who even when they were all by themselves during some matches, managed to make it into the top 10 to score their team placement points & kill points. Thus, allowing them to maintain that number 1 spot and ultimately win the Logitech G Play to Win Season 2 Apex Legends Tournament.


Winners of the Logitech G Play to Win Season 2 Apex Legends Tournament

Champions – M-eS | Team IWNL
Musashi “Musashi” de Kretser
Le “Le” Perera

Second Place – Synchronic
Kevin “Keviiinx” Yapa
Tharindu “WG_BlAcK_MoNKeY” Nethmina

Third Place – Third Impact
Pamith “VarusMki#!” Alahakoon
Udara “Udara” Udayanga
Senehe “SENE_RULZ” Ravinath
Tiral “trioo” Wimalasinghe


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