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The Women’s Cyber Games Online 2021 Call of Duty 4 free-for-all match concluded on April 6th, which saw an intense battle play out between FROZEN, D.Va and HESH. The 3 players were constantly out-fragging the other to try and maintain that number one spot. Towards the end with only 20 seconds to go, FROZEN managed to dethrone D.Va and got a 5 kill lead against her opponent, securing her first place victory.


Call of Duty 4 free-for-all winners at the Women’s Cyber Games Online 2021:

1st Place: Piyumi “FROZEN” Madhushani
2nd Place: Hansani “D.Va” Wanigasekara
3rd Place: Heshani “HESH” Wickramarachchi


The preferred Peripheral Partner is Logitech G and preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons for the Women’s Cyber Games Online Championship 2021.

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